Sunday, August 30, 2009


Our college friends paid us a quick visit this weekend (sans Jill who got to go play in Chicago) so we took an impromptu hike at Cougar Mountain (yes, there are cougar and bear and who knows what else). Six little ones trailblazing is an awesome site. That is until you get about two miles in- downhill, and realize that you need to go back out-uphill. And can you even believe that after all that they were still running wild through the house?

Setting out- I love that two year olds hike with accessories.

Josh and Rob. I told Rob to leave that shirt at my house...I can't find it.

Dang that this picture is blurry. The two littlest ones went on a shirtless strike. There were some tired papas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Week Fun

I've been sitting in such disorganization it's killing me. Boxes still all over. Piles and piles accumulating. Moving really takes a toll on a person who requires a sense of flow and a place for everything. Especially renting a house on the market, but that's a whole other story.

So with less than a week to go before school starts, I decided to look away from the mess and take the kids on an outing. We hit the Seattle Science Center to watch the Under the Sea in 3D but minutes after grabbing our glasses, seats and popcorn- the movie broke. Bummer. Instead we ran around the museum and since the rainy morning turned into a beautiful afternoon- we played outside at the fountain. I'm glad we hit the road because there were lots of smiles and laughing, maybe even some learning (but don't tell them that).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can't Like It

For years we grown ups in my family have quoted my niece in saying, "I can't like it" whenever the mood of discord strikes. I am on on day ten (that's more than a week, people) of no dishwasher. This thingymabobby broke and the part was ordered but hasn't arrived yet.

To my husband, this is no biggie. He never had one growing up. But to me- washing up after all the continuous mess...I for sure can't like it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Faves

Besides all the berries, summer veggies rock in my world, too. One of my all time favorite messy summer treats are veggie chips. Our previous landlord loaded us up with zucchini and beets so a little slicing some olive oil and sea salt and we're good to go. (How I would have loved to throw some jicama in...)

In our new house, we have a garbage bin for food waste like the contents of my blue bowl. Anyone know where I can get a little counter top storage bin for food so I'm not constantly trekking the bowl outside??

Jetty Jaunt

We got invited to spend our day with friends yesterday on Jetty Island, about forty minutes north from us. Although we have had sunshiney warm weather all week, yesterday was not an island day. But we made the best of it and enjoyed the sucking of the earth as as we walked out far on the low tide as well as playing in the sand and building a wood home. The man made island has absolutely nothing on it, even the bathroom is a floating thingy near the dock (not even running water!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tri-ing It Out

Races in hindsight are always a blast for me. But the yesterday's Danskin Tri was more than fun in hindsight- I enjoyed every single minute of it. The weather couldn't have been more perfect- did you hear me yell "I LOVE SEATTLE!" on the floating bridge coming back from Mercer Island? Did you see the smile pasted all over my face as I came through the crowds? Did you happen to notice I got too caught up in the hoopla that I missed my wave? Oops. So my time was turtle-esque but a girl has gotta start somewhere.

And of course, I can't wait to do it again! Thank you to my family for enduring a very long weekend of tri stuff with me. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lake Joy

This weekend my relay team met up to celebrate. Days leading up to this event were hot as blazes but come party day...brrr. Still we had lots of fun. Most of us got in the water- some of us after 9pm and in rare form! Yep, we had a good time.

Outdoor Arroz

Before the rains started in Sunday night we headed outside for a little arroz con pollo. Not the best batch (Lourdes, Josh said you would be ashamed) but the atmosphere helped. I am going to miss summer nights for sure. The sun is already going down much earlier than just a month ago. Some leaves are falling on the deck, too. We better take advantage of the outdoor meals while we can, right?

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Digs

It feels like years since I blogged last. Moving takes a physical and emotional toll on me. My blogging life began when we moved to Washington, to the farm as we called it. My life changed dramatically from the Las Vegas desert to wet country. We began homeschooling on the farm. We set out on a new era together, as a family- no friends, no familiarity, no connections. Nearly two years later and it was time to say goodbye to that special place we adored so. There were many tears and a few doubts as if we'd done the right thing.

But a week into our new place, it feels like it's gonna be okay. Our life will change again. The kids will begin Catholic school next month, I'm picking up part time work instructing at the gym, and we are accessible to so much that was always a trek before. There is the charm of small town life missing as we're all still working on hearing airplanes and noises of life outside that we're just not used to. There are all those boxes to still open. There is still furniture to put back together. But these digs will suit our family just fine. Here's to a happy home for home is what we make it.