Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two More to Go!

I officially have two more years to go until my 40th, in which I hope to be doing the Kona Ironman. Yes, one must always think b i g! But for this birthday I spent the morning on a group cycle ride with my new toy. I hit the mall with my girl and caught my son's baseball game. And although the weather was not at all what I ordered, we went into Seattle for dinner and a wet zipline ride at the park.

Sunday was another biking day, shopping for kids' bikes and hitting the bike rodeo to get our bikes checked up and have some fun. My sweetie and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with cooking a spicy shrimp dish and going for a walk. It may not have been the romantic beach getaway but it turned out nice. Sometimes nice is all we need to focus on the important stuff.

This boy had no shame to be the only one at the event on a big wheel- don't think he even noticed.
Who needs to go out when you can pop in a movie for the kids and hit the champagne?!

Chicks In Tents

Captivating title for girl scout camping, don't you think? I had a mostly fabulous weekend away with my girl and then some (except for being cold the ENTIRE time, my good buddy Renee snoring in my ear and the wicked cold I came home with).
The girls were responsible for pitching the tents, cooking and cleaning. They pulled off an awesome two hour hike and found some sweet shells at the beach. And by the end of the weekend, we all successfully can sing, "Hey soul sister..."

At It Again

It's been two years since the last snip and she's been begging to do it again. So just in time for summer, eleven inches off to Locks of Love.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sweet Stuff

Another First Communion has come and how excited was my middle man. Both he and his parents have spent the past eight months gearing up for this special sacrament in classes following Mass on Sunday. At first I was so completely reticent about "having" to take a class- that's why he's in Catholic school, I argued. It was selfish and I know it, I own up to that and in hindsight I learned a whole bunch about our faith so how can that be wrong?

Okay so back to the sweet stuff. My son couldn't wait to receive communion. He practiced and practiced, squeezing in one last confession at a parish up north, he was ready. This is the boy that at two would kneel down at daily Mass with such sweetness, people often remarked about him being a future priest. (Very much unlike the sturggles we have with our current 4 year old!) So last Saturday with a big smile he made his First Communion and counted down the hours till the second. What a gift.

Single Moms- How Do You Do It?

Last week was one loooong week. Husband gone for five days, fitness intructor interviews/auditions for me, doctors visits, sick seemed to be a wash of craziness. But this single mama did it and look at my pretty reward. They arrived in the mail addressed from my kids, wink wink. Incidentally one of my children really put his foot down insisiting they didn't send them, paranoid really. He has some stuff to learn...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sundays, the New Saturday

I am in big time love with Sundays. I used to feel a let down come Sunday afternoon when all was said and done but now they feel...different.

What could be better? You got Mass with the family, loads of coffee and now longer daylight to have that much more crammed in. Gardening, running, and biking- just being outside. We filled two bins with overgrown yard-the garden is almost cleared and ready, yay!

And now my favorite new thing...the Sunday afternoon escape with my husband. Right up the street from us is an old tavern (known to host one talented cutie, Dave Matthews)nestled right in with the houses. Our new tradition is a good one- bike up for an ice cold Mac & Jacks and watch the boats go by. An hour later and totally refreshed and relaxed we bike back to grill with the kids. Sundays are good, no?
Not too shabby of a place for a ballgame.

Rumor has it this is an old brothel that catered to boat business across the lake. Creepy.

Alas, my cold one. We plugged in a few songs on the jukebox and put our feet up. Looking forward to Sundays...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mulchin' with the Corps

I had the pleasure of working with Earth Corps yesterday at a local island park. I had no idea I was in for such a bootcamp style butt whooping- up and down that hill over and over with bucket loads of mulch. In between sprinkles of rain and sweet sunshine we filled in lots of eroding land and learned about those pesky invasive plants. (I can't stand blackberry scrapes!)

This hill just kept going on down to the lake. My legs are VERY sore today.

I loved the whole experience and I adored Moses, our soft spoken, smiling guide from Kenya who can't wait to see his new nephew after being gone two years to the states.
Awesome way to spend the afternoon- I recommend looking them up and volunteering. it's a refreshing change (and a fabulous workout).

Some of our troop and parents and some randoms, don't you love randoms?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Happy Earth Day all you tree huggers! Although the earth has been around a wee bit longer, today is officially the 40th celebration of this great place.
How are we celebrating you want to know? Well I'm off to Holy Yoga this morning and then to make up my kids favorite dirt and worm cakes. After school (and after one individuals nightmare vaccinations) we're heading to see this. We've waited months for this and can't wait. Peace out.

Maybe They Really Do Fly

Last year out in the country we saw loads of wildlife. But here, on our small island, not so much. Until the other morning when four oddballs were on our street.

How in the heck???

PS Rumor has it, they swim across. Believe me, I wanna see that!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Howlin' Fun

We finally got around to taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge this weekend and turns out, they loved it. (Can you believe it?!) Smart we were to bring coolers full of food and libations because holy cow, that place gets ya. Meanwhile I'm contributing to the savings fund for my kids counseling sessions since mom and dad wouldn't buy them the $44 magic wands to run around the hotel and listen to things talk to them. And yes, even though we obviously don't love them enough, they had the time of their lives. Two of them cried that it was over and one begged for the next birthday...and the magic wand with the blue crystal.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Partial Family Update

This old girl, our sweet and naughty Belle, took a serious backward flip off the slippery stairs last night. Each day she falls a little more and we sense the end a little nearer. Sniff sniff.

And this little boy asked to please have his hair like this big boy's...

so mama got out this scizzors and removed quite a bit.

And now that mama needs to get ready for sports Saturday and all the uniforms while sipping espresso from this new purchase (I now have three coffee makers, yow!) And can I just add two more things? One- I got carded last night buying beer and wine. Mmmmwah to that girl who said it was iffy. Two- spring break is almost done and I'm not very happy that Thursday brought hail and yesterday brought snow while I was teaching outdoor bootcamp. I'm just glad it's almost done so I don't have to hear one more person say they were leaving for Hawaii.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Baby A

Please join me in prayer for the repose of the soul of sweet baby Adele Marie and prayers for the strength and peace of her family. May they be comforted and loved.

New Digs

Last August I had a blog entitled "New Digs" and here we are again. We've been in one month and settled but not quite done with our fix ups. Because our house is so much less in monthly rent and in line for a tear down after our lease, there are lots of loving touches needed. We happily are adding some borrowed paint and having some fun with this old house. It's from 1948, has loads of charm and the location is first rate. It will be hard to leave this one. Let's hope no move comes any time soon or I'll end up in Lake Washington. Three moves in less than three years has taken a toll on this mama. I just want to settle. But for now, I'll focus on my summer garden plans, finishing my art room and getting crafty with 2000 less square feet than the last home.

From a three car garage to none-how long will we look like the Beverly Hillbillies with the pool table and many bins out front??

Ice cream and short sleeves, what a tease that week was.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where Ya Been

A month, really? I haven't been here in that long?? I've been running from one thing to the next like moving for the third time in under three years, ugh. But one of my favorite things lately has been the street scramble we did last weekend. I highly recommend this type of fun adventure for all grown ups who like adventure (those of us who vehemently deny we're grown up).
This race took place on Alki beach in West Seattle on the most glorious spring morning ever. For three hours Josh, Randy and I looked for clues and read maps and ran from one spot to the next trying to collect as many check points as we could. Randy (minus Amy who was at home VERY sick), me and Josh. Shadow friends Randy and Lynn- we like to keep everyone in our photos. ;)

We took a few pit stops to check out the mountains, the water, the many houses that wouldn't suck to live in...

Turns out Seattle has all sorts of these races that the whole family can participate in. I love this city when it's nice. And speaking of nice...70 degrees today and sunny and back to normal tomorrow with 50 and rainy. Have I mentioned how much I love it here when it's nice??

Monday, February 15, 2010


I stumbled across Katie's story and can't help but daydream and praise at the same time. What a calling and furthermore, what an answer.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Humble Pie and Where's the Maid?

So I got a call Thursday evening that made my daily business come to a screeching halt. According to the x rays, my pelvic stress fracture is more than what we thought. Since the diagnosis in October, there has been no healing. No break. No relief. Apparently, carrying on business-as-usual has done nothing but make matters worse. This doctor called to say NO MORE TEACHING AS OF RIGHT NOW. Got it. The whole body cast thing is enough to stop me in my tracks.

So here I sit imagining eating my humble pie. Tsk, tsk, I can't really be having pie now with two weeks of not moving. I'm already regretting that lovely piece of cake sweet May gave me the other night in our neighborhood get together.I think my pants feel tighter already.

So what's so humbling you might wonder? In a nutshell we're moving in three weeks and my house is a disaster. Boxes everywhere, piles of stuff (I hate stuff don't you?) and toys. I keep giving away toys and throwing away toys (shhhh) but they're still everywhere. From the couch right now I can eyeball eighteen hundred and sixty two things that I should be doing. But then the pain in the pelvis reminds me that I'm staying put. It may sound relaxing but it's not. Not when you have to move and clean, it's anxiety at it's finest. Throw in a few busy children who make more mess and need you and it's like sending up the white flag.

I shamefully admit that my genetic coding forced me into an obsessive type A mentality. I have always been on the go, go, go. And here I am on a stop, stop, stop. Perhaps it's a good time to finish this and that. Or I could just begin Lent early and offer up lots of sacrifices. Let me emphasize LOTS. And as I keep saying to my family, this two week rest thing would be a heckuva lot easier on a white sand beach with a drink in hand. That's all I'm sayin.

Monday, February 8, 2010

That Doesn't Float My Boat

My boys have a habit of professing their greatest love for me while I'm doling out treats.

The superbowl sweet was a rootbeer float to which incited this conversation:

Joey: Mom, thank you for my rootbeard float. I love you SOOOOOO much!

Me: Joey, you're not just saying that because I gave you the ice cream, are you?

Joey: Yes, I am.

Yeah, we can praise honesty but come on kid. At least play it down a bit.

Today is Monday

Monday, string beans.

Don't know what I mean? I've never understood the book either but the pictures are nice in a simple sort of way.

And since it's early Monday and I'm sitting here in the dark with my latte, I am quietly making a pledge that this week I will not freak out that we're moving in a few weeks. I will not freak out that my house needs to be packed. I will not freak out that I haven't seen the house we offered to rent. I will not freak out that it's my daughter's birthday the weekend we're moving and I secretly fear it will be a bust. I will not freak out about the busiest, jammed packed calendar and the fundraiser I'm responsible for.

Nope. I vow to stay sane. (Better hold off on the coffee refill!) I pledge to keep it simple. So today- it's string beans, tomorrow- spaghetti. However, I will have a problem come Thursday. Maybe tofu?

You have a good, non-freak out sorta week, too!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surely That's Not Me

A very talented cyclist at the gym apparently felt some inspiration in a class of mine recently. What a resemblance, huh?!

And really, Dana is one creative dude, see for yourself.
Over the past few months I have completely fallen off the blogging globe. I mean- I don't have a chance to sit down and write or read all my faves anymore. I know I'm sounding whiney but I feel a smidge like I've earned the whining rites these days. How is it that we have been in our house for six months and we have to move already? I don't want to move. I like our house. I am not ready to move. I just got settled in this house. Blah.

I'm trying to get over the grumpy thing but that song kick em when they're down keeps playing in my mind. Blah.

Okay, so perhaps we'll find a great house in the next three weeks and all will go swimmingly and we'll stay there for a long time. Long enough to see the Las Vegas economy turn around and profit on our house. (Should be what...2020??)Blah.

IF you are still reading, you must be getting pretty bummed. Let's see if this pic helps. My monkeys at Lowe's- three in a cart, that never happens anymore. AND they're color coordinated!

And p.s. I promise to get my Vitamin D and start being a little less freaked out and a little more positive.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling a Wee Bit Lost

Not much new to report here except that life has kept us on our toes. I am still computer-less and relying on using my other/better half's work computer at night. It really is too bad that it's not lent yet because this truly feels like a sacrifice. How in the world did I ever look up recipes, phone numbers, directions and stay in contact with people pre Internet?? Honestly, I don't remember.

Here's to a comfy and cozy end to the weekend and a brighter week ahead with less things getting broken. ;)

PS Stop by Amanda's and congratulate the family with the birth of Peter- he was only like 2 months overdue!

Monday, January 18, 2010

When Is It Winethirty?

When you clean your house for hours to have no house showing.

When your child falls on your laptop and breaks it.

When your child's book report that is due tomorrow is on said laptop and is non-retrievable.

When you try to run to the drugstore and your car battery is dead.

That is when you know it's time to end this very long day and get into the wine.

Tomorrow can only be better.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sounds of Dinner

Sometimes we pop up the travel table in the kitchen for convenience. We don't have a "kitchen" table- just a dining room table. Dining room means turning a corner and eating on carpet. To sum it up, we don't dine fancy most meals.

The other night the portable table proved most portable (meaning it didn't get locked into place) and a visit from the dog sent the entire table to the ground.


Bad news- I lost one of my brand new plates. A few glasses and salad bowls, too. Oh and most of dinner was a flop.

Good news, though - our daughter saved daddy's favorite brewery glass. Cheers to that!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I swear I wasn't on the phone (of course I wasn't-it's not legal here). Nope, I was in full awareness but it just sorta happened. The sidewalk alongside the freeway entrance seemingly leaped out at the van and robbed my tire.

Later in the day my honey sent me an an email stating I owed him 10,000 kisses and this was attached.

He's a keeper!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lyrics. To Each His Own.

Come on moms, you know this one.

There was a man lived in the moon, in the moon, in the moon...

Remember the part about eyes? His eyes were made of meatballs, meatballs, meatballs...

There is a new lyricist in town- you know the Star Wars junkie.

Loud from behind my car seat today he yelled "NO MOM! His eyes were made of death stars, death stars, death stars..." Oh how hard it is for me to embrace this dark side.

Cramming It In

I wanted to do so much over break. (Aren't breaks for relaxing??) So on our last few days we tried to cram it in. We spent New Year's Eve at the aquarium hanging with the fish. It was a miserably rainy afternoon and the city was getting more and more congested as time went on. We got a great phone call that our college friends were on top of the space needle so we met up for some cheer before my husband had to take off for a very busy night at the firehouse.

To finish off the weekend we hit the slopes for some sledding. But blah it was a sledding in sleet adventure. No light flurries for us, it was wet! Although my toes were like glass after a few hours, the kids were having the time of their life. That's what we parents strive for, right?

We threw in a Princess and the Frog showing at the cinema with licorice and chocolates and just like that *, break was over. Do you know how much I heard about homeschooling on Monday morning??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scizzor Time

"I don't need a haircut", he claimed.

I had to show him that indeed it was time but I didn't expect him to like this style so much. And for a side note, you should have seen the wince his dad made upon seeing this new hairdo. If only the camera was nearby...

Keep It Going

Because there are truly twelve days of Christmas, I am not too late in wishing a Merry Christmas to blog readers. Our day was crazy and fun. It all comes and goes too fast, though. So much prep and excitement and there is always a sentimental sad person at the end of Christmas day (sometimes even me). This year it was both my big kids, wishing it would never end.

And even though my husband and I made the "no gift" pack, he still surprised me with the best gift yet.

Me: "It's mop I getting a new bar??"
Him: "Well honey, you see, when you sit this close to Bono, he does get pretty sweaty."

Scream. Scream. Another scream and a big hug. Tucked inside were awesome seats to the sold out concert. I LOVE the "no gift" pack!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sitting around the table tonight and trying to ignore a small boy humming Star Wars incessantly, I asked what the kids wanted to be when they grew up. My middle man said, "Mom, I already said on the microphone at graduation". To clarify I needed to confirm that he was indeed talking about preschool graduation three years ago. And he was. He said then he wanted to be a doctor and that is still what he wants to be. Or work with Bill at Microsoft if the med school stuff doesn't pan out.

Not surprisingly my big fish said a marine biologist. And just like her brother, she had a fall back...a bird breeder. Tweet.

So last I came to the hummer. And good thing I was sitting when he said he wanted to be a spider. At least we'll save some college tuition, right?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Annual Date With My Clara

My growing way too fast girl and I had our annual Nutcracker date this weekend. We couldn't remember if this is four years or five. Regardless, lunch was special, the ballet was wonderful (except for the lady who narrated the ENTIRE show to her toddlers behind us- thanks lady!) and putzing around after the show was fun, too.

I wonder how many more years I can pull this off?