Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep It Going

Because there are truly twelve days of Christmas, I am not too late in wishing a Merry Christmas to blog readers. Our day was crazy and fun. It all comes and goes too fast, though. So much prep and excitement and there is always a sentimental sad person at the end of Christmas day (sometimes even me). This year it was both my big kids, wishing it would never end.

And even though my husband and I made the "no gift" pack, he still surprised me with the best gift yet.

Me: "It's a...bar mop towel...am I getting a new bar??"
Him: "Well honey, you see, when you sit this close to Bono, he does get pretty sweaty."

Scream. Scream. Another scream and a big hug. Tucked inside were awesome seats to the sold out concert. I LOVE the "no gift" pack!

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