Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Town is So Small...

How small is it???

(Sound of drumroll)

My town is so small that yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a package in the waiting. Driving there I was nervous thinking that in Las Vegas we had to show proof of address - I have nothing here in Washington yet.

I nervously hand over the slip to the postal employee all the while thinking "please don't ask for my id, please don't need any address proof..."

The postal employee took my slip, read it and said, "Oh, just got back from vacation. Let me get your box".

Done. No further questioning. That's when you know you're in Smallsville.

Boy Wonder

I knew we were in good hands yesterday for my little guy's surgery. And I knew having tonsils and adenoids removed was a fairly easy procedure. I was confident that surgery would be quick and recovery would mainly take place at home. But being prepared doesn't necessarily fend off a mother's emotions. I have to admit that I held it together well until I saw my baby in his yellow hospital slippers post op. That's when the tears came. Tears of relief, joy and pent up anxiety. Whew, I'm so glad that this chapter is done.

But back to boy little guy was the bravest little guy imaginable. He smiled and followed all his instructions. There is something so special about a child that is calm in the storm. When it was time to go into surgery the nurse asked:

"PJ, would you like to bring anything special with you?"

"Ummm, no" he said and gave me a quick hug before leaving without his coveted animal blankie that he can't sleep without.

Did I say that I was glad this was over? Sniff sniff.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The King

My family and I spent our Thanksgiving in St. Louis this past week. Between museums, visits to the arch, my brother in law's wedding, spending time with all the generations of family in to visit...we had a wonderful time. Despite our long travel and layovers in Minnesota (with Joey traveling is like hot pokers in the eyes), one of the highlights was our "church Sunday". We started our day going to services at my father in law's church, Bethel Lutheran for which he is the pastor. It was a very nice Christ the King service and it is such a quaint, older church. It's always fun to see where my husband grew up so to speak. He spend most of his childhood at Bethel between going to elementary school there and spending time with dad at church. It's also fun to see the same faces when we go back to visit.

After service my husband and I took a run through Forest Park. I mean we took a FROZEN run through the park. Drizzling 30's and there we were in shorts like madmen- we weren't alone though. There were many running off the stuffing and pie with us. We ran up to the St. Louis Art Museum and decided to warm up for a few minutes. How awesome to see some religious artifacts like a pyx all adorned in gold from the
1400's. Beautiful artwork and we even got to see a real deal Monet.

What truly made my day was going to the evening Mass at the Basilica Cathedral. This place was breathtaking- I've never seen anything like it. Oh and the presence- I knelt down when we got to our pew and cried. It was just too much. But here's the kicker- Josh and I were asked to bring up the gifts. What a humbling experience. He we were in the huge place feeling so small. What a honor. What a day. May Christ be the King today and everyday.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rat and Dog

Yep, that's me...the drowned rat with the dog. For the first time Belle went running with me this afternoon. She did...okay...I mean, she made it. That being said, does it count if she had to be drug home on the last mile? It rained hard here most of the day but seemed to slow down around 4. We set out and about 2 miles down the road it began to pour. I have to say that there is no feeling like running up a hill in 50 degrees and having to squint to keep the water out of your eyes. Totally glorious!

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Official

I'm officially nuts! But it gets better- my husband is now officially nuts, too! We're doing the Whidbey Island Marathon in April. I've wanted to train for one for so long but the most exciting part is that I got Josh to commit. (Reluctantly, mind you.) SO we begin this week with our training program this weekend. I met Debby, a terrific trainer last night from Sceptor Fitness who will help guide me along with the runs and nutrition. Such awesome motivation. I feel like Forrest Gump already.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Anniversary

So yesterday marked the one month anniversary of arriving here in Washington. One month ago today I saw trees; colorful, massive, fragrant trees. One month ago I scratched my head and wondered what one does when they run out of brown sugar half way through cookie baking. One month ago I marveled at deer nibbling on oats out the window. One month ago I couldn't believe my little one sat in the car for 3 days straight. One month ago I had no computer, Internet or television. (Now that was nice!) One month ago I desperately missed my friends back in the desert. Although I just love it here and am blessed so much- some things haven't changed!

The Wonder of Whidbey

To spend the weekend with two of my dearest, oldest friends and their children was perfect. To spend it on Whidbey Island was magical. Despite the fact that we had a total of six little ones with us and a very naughty dog, we were able to pack in quite a trip! The ferry ride over was way too short! "We didn't even see one whale!" protested my daughter. Twenty minutes later we arrived on the island and we're happy to report that it was really easy to drive our car onto the ferry! We toured Coupeville on foot and got to see Rosie- a 33 ft. grey whale that washed up on shore in '98. How cool is that?! The boys set out on their own GPS treasure hunt through Ebey's landing and found some pretty cool loot. The girls sat in the car, partially frozen. I did however meet someone on the beach as I was lamenting over my recent romantic trip with my husband. (I was watching the ships and ferries set off through the passage on their way up to Victoria and Alaska). This man freelances for National Geographic and asked permission to shoot some of the kids on the beach. He let me try out his VERY expensive lens and take some shots. Mind you I didn't have my camara all set up well- I was just experimenting- but this close up is from across the sound soooo far away. This lens was AMAZING! Photography I come!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

And the Award Goes to...

Mother of Intolerence. Do you ever feel like you could win that one? I do. Today. I start the day with so much hope, so much promise, so much...solitude. Then instantly it ends. "I'M AWAAAAAKE!" And if he had a bigger vocabulary he would say, "I'm awake and just to forewarn you, I am very grumpy and I will get up only to throw a tantrum because I didn't have everything I wanted ready for me".
We just turned two- it's going to be a very long year. I was once told by a priest that Mary at one point had a two year old. I just can't picture Jesus EVER throwing his cup because it wasn't the drink of choice. Patience, patience, patience.

The Show Down

There was a big show down this morning. No nothing political this time. It took place between Belle and two deer in the yard.
The deer stood absolutely frozen staring at Belle. Belle stood proud like a bird dog-tail in the air, snout up. They stared at each other for what seemed to be forever. We wondered if dog actually was off the chain what she would do. I mean this dog lays down on her back in fear of poodles! Was she puffing up knowing that the rope would hold her back??
Anyway, the deer technically won the big show down- they are far bigger than the dog, there's two of them and when it doubt, they won because they were there first. Doesn't that always take precedence?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Mountain Down, Many to Go

Yesterday was a beautiful day to go explore Mt. Si not far from here. It looms in the background of our house. It was chilly and drizzly and just perfect to go for a hike and smell the fall. Up here fall has a smell of trees and firewood burning. Daddy took the kids for a hike while I tackled my first mountain/trail run. I was like a race horse bursting out of the gates. I took off fast and soon realized (I'm talking 2 minutes max) that I goofed. I went too fast up the hill and my lungs were on fire well into the night. Despite the feeling that I needed to go see a lung specialist, the run was glorious. Flat and leafy in spots, rocky and tough in others. My thoughts were split, Please don't let me trip on a rock and sprain an ankle. And THANK YOU God for this blessing to be able to run through this beautiful mountain you made.
I wish I could share it personally.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Child's Dream

Have you ever seen a 5 year old techie's dream come true? It's when his daddy brings home a new i phone. This gadget holds more splendor than a bag of Halloween loot, playing in mud puddles and Leaptster games combined.

Daddy: Come here son, I want to show you what I got.

Son: (chuckling in a throaty, odd way- eyes like melons)

Mommy: Do you know what that is?

Son: An i phone!!!!!!

Daddy let him play with the new bundle of joy, under close supervision. He found China, the local weather, emails (please don't email anyone!), music and much more. It was well past bedtime and my little techie tells me that when he grows up he will have one too, oh a boy's dream.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Things to Ponder

So I've just been thinking. I'm thinking that I'm just not so sure about technology anymore. My husband and I just had a very large sum of money stolen from us. Maybe I don't understand how these things work entirely but it seems to me too easy to get a hold of other's information and use it against them with computers and transferring money around. Secondly, I'm still surprised (I guess that's a good thing) that someone can go and do something so illegal and so immoral. Did technology make it so that committing fraud behind a screen is easier? It's a shame really. How did something designed to make life more simple make it even more complicated?

On a positive note...the money was recovered in an account thousands of miles away today. Didn't I say I love this day??

A Saintly Day

I love this day. All Saints Day is such an inspirational day to me because I think about how many people came and went before me and what they did in the name of God. One of my favorite saints, to whom I feel strongly tied to, is St. Rita. I was born on her feast day. I didn't come to know St. Rita until the past few years but her intercessions have helped me greatly. The story of her life is truly amazing. May we all live up to examples of these awesome saints!

Oh When the Saints...

Go marching to trick or treat. One little saint will eat waaaay too many Milk Duds before departure. He will sway and swagger with sugar overload. He will grasp tightly to his bag and let know one hold it for him. One little saint won't like the shoes she's wearing but for the sake of color-coding wear them anyway. And one little saint will grow very, very tired and cold, and hungry and just be plain done with Halloween.
Can't you tell it was another big success?