Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling a Wee Bit Lost

Not much new to report here except that life has kept us on our toes. I am still computer-less and relying on using my other/better half's work computer at night. It really is too bad that it's not lent yet because this truly feels like a sacrifice. How in the world did I ever look up recipes, phone numbers, directions and stay in contact with people pre Internet?? Honestly, I don't remember.

Here's to a comfy and cozy end to the weekend and a brighter week ahead with less things getting broken. ;)

PS Stop by Amanda's and congratulate the family with the birth of Peter- he was only like 2 months overdue!

Monday, January 18, 2010

When Is It Winethirty?

When you clean your house for hours to have no house showing.

When your child falls on your laptop and breaks it.

When your child's book report that is due tomorrow is on said laptop and is non-retrievable.

When you try to run to the drugstore and your car battery is dead.

That is when you know it's time to end this very long day and get into the wine.

Tomorrow can only be better.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sounds of Dinner

Sometimes we pop up the travel table in the kitchen for convenience. We don't have a "kitchen" table- just a dining room table. Dining room means turning a corner and eating on carpet. To sum it up, we don't dine fancy most meals.

The other night the portable table proved most portable (meaning it didn't get locked into place) and a visit from the dog sent the entire table to the ground.


Bad news- I lost one of my brand new plates. A few glasses and salad bowls, too. Oh and most of dinner was a flop.

Good news, though - our daughter saved daddy's favorite brewery glass. Cheers to that!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I swear I wasn't on the phone (of course I wasn't-it's not legal here). Nope, I was in full awareness but it just sorta happened. The sidewalk alongside the freeway entrance seemingly leaped out at the van and robbed my tire.

Later in the day my honey sent me an an email stating I owed him 10,000 kisses and this was attached.

He's a keeper!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lyrics. To Each His Own.

Come on moms, you know this one.

There was a man lived in the moon, in the moon, in the moon...

Remember the part about eyes? His eyes were made of meatballs, meatballs, meatballs...

There is a new lyricist in town- you know the Star Wars junkie.

Loud from behind my car seat today he yelled "NO MOM! His eyes were made of death stars, death stars, death stars..." Oh how hard it is for me to embrace this dark side.

Cramming It In

I wanted to do so much over break. (Aren't breaks for relaxing??) So on our last few days we tried to cram it in. We spent New Year's Eve at the aquarium hanging with the fish. It was a miserably rainy afternoon and the city was getting more and more congested as time went on. We got a great phone call that our college friends were on top of the space needle so we met up for some cheer before my husband had to take off for a very busy night at the firehouse.

To finish off the weekend we hit the slopes for some sledding. But blah it was a sledding in sleet adventure. No light flurries for us, it was wet! Although my toes were like glass after a few hours, the kids were having the time of their life. That's what we parents strive for, right?

We threw in a Princess and the Frog showing at the cinema with licorice and chocolates and just like that *, break was over. Do you know how much I heard about homeschooling on Monday morning??