Monday, March 30, 2009

A Springy Sunday Afterall

Okay so the snow melted quickly and the sun came out making the day not as bad as we thought. We got to finally meet our friend's sweet, little Jason after Mass today. Please stop by Lora's site and see this cutie for yourself. Also swing by Chickens in the Burbs and see how baby Cabrini is growing. She's almost two months now and we just got to meet her yesterday, too.

Now onto the rest of the day...

Our local farm store has baby chicks for $2.99. At that price we wanted to buy them all!

Woodpecker feeders outside bedroom windows are finally in place.

Things are blooming. My tulips are really coming up and there are buds on the trees!

Our awesome neighbor, AJ, made all the kids wooden boats to have the first official boat race down the creek to the river of the season. Hmmm, his won- you think it was fixed?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Warm Up for April Fools

My patio this morning. Isn't it peaceful and lovely? (GROAN!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

May is Coming

And you know what that means- First Communion! The Catholic Company is once again hosting a photo contest for First Communion pics so get them out and send them in by May 31st. You might be the winner!

Friday, March 27, 2009


At dinner I told my kids that our Jayhawks "had" to win. To which my daughter replied, "Mom, isn't it enough that they won last year"???
Enough? What's the matter with these young people?!

Even my Jayhawk husband doesn't seem so bummed. What's the matter with these alumni?

What kills me the most is that our station insisted upon going back to the Gonzaga game which had like a twenty point difference with eleven minutes left. Meanwhile I had to watch my hawks lose by a hair on the minuscule print at the top of the screen. What's the matter with these station programmers?

Okay, I'm off to stew.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well Rested and Ready to Go

Waking up at grandma and grandpa's is good.
We're back. We're rosy cheeked. We're missing how spoiled we were for sure. Although I love the Pacific Northwest, a little time in sunny Arizona does a mom some good.

We packed in so much fun stuff and pampering, it feels like months compared to the nine days. There was a romantic night away with my honey including a deep tissue massage and facial. Ahhhh. A birthday celebration for my non-Irish St. Patty's husband. A get together BBQ with family. A two day trip to Las Vegas to visit our buddies. A pedicure. A new hairdo. Sleeping in the casita with no night inturptions. Swimming. Running. A Cub's game. And lots of grandma/grandpa attention for little ones- what more could a vacation bring?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Owls for Aubs

We have a new niece in our family and we got a little carried away with the hoots. I couldn't resist the thermal fabric from Joanne's. My honey thinks they look like PacMan. And a friend gave me a pattern for the owl to crochet. I can't believe I actually followed a pattern and it turned out recognizable!

So little Aubrey, it's 5 weeks late but know it's on its way and we love you!

Do They Look Happy To You?

Well my friends, they were not. It was 38 degrees, raining and the St. Patrick's Day race was running 15 minutes late.

The good news is they did great. They ran fast, got their medal, some hot chocolate and back in the heated car.

Not quite the face I expected after running but we all revel in our accomplishments differently.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running With the Pack

All day long I will be singing "Oh I just can't WAIT to be king". The music at last night's Lion King will be swirling around our heads for some time. It was that good.

Even from the nosebleed seats at this old theater, we were amazed with the Broadway set, animal costumes, singing, etc.

As great as the show was, I must say most of the fun was in just getting there. We bought the tickets for our daughter's birthday gift. It was to be a big night out with just mom and dad for our newly ten year old. The excitement began with a miscommunication with our sitter. She thought she was to arrive at 5:30 not 5pm. With a dinner reservation in the city at 5:45, stress set in. We got to the restaurant just past 6pm to find our table had been given away. "Next time call us" said the hostess. Groan.

We ate fast and furious to be at the theater in time. We even skipped dessert! A complimentary birthday sundae went by the wayside so that we could run three blocks over to the show.

"Hello Dolly" my husband said looking up at the marquee. At that point I pulled the tickets out of my purse. Oops. Wrong theater. My honey quick grabbed his phone and looked up the Lion King. We had 15 minutes until the performance was to begin.

"It's at the Paramount, Heather"! Another oops. Fast as gazelles we ran four or five blocks over to the theater on his phone. "Huh? March Madness"? I breathlessly inquired. "This isn't Lion King"! He dialed in again on his map. "But it says Paramount" Josh exclaimed.

I quick asked a native city slicker where the Lion King was. Only to be told it was another Paramount theater, seven blocks away and we'd never make it in time. "TAXI" we yelled.

Would you believe we got there just as the lights were dimming? "That was fun" I giggled. A fine time to say hakuna matata .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gleanfully Happy

Do you know about gleaning? I'm still confused about it but a fellow homeschooling family gleans bread from a local favorite. If I understand it correctly, it means that when the store has to pull bread from the shelves they give as much as they can to charity and homeless and the rest if for the public.

Can you even believe the amount of carbs on my table? And you can't see the freezer is already stuffed with loaves. We're off to deliver to neighbors and friends. Should we stop by your house, too?

Looks Painful

He did this on his own. It wasn't punishment, I promise!

Bet You Didn't Know This

My little guy is taking after his big sister with an interest in dinosaurs. His facts may be off a bit (much to his sister's chagrin- she worries about inaccurate facts leading him down a path of misunderstanding), as he has the Indians "sha sha" shooting the dinos.

But the best part is while "reading" the dinosaur encyclopedia (my daughter's old favorite bedtime reading) he told us that dinosaurs died in 1995 on Jupiter. Bet you didn't know that one.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Way I See It

Not a commentary on my take of things- just the view I see everyday. I am so blessed to see such beauty- the snow on the mountains, the river down below (makes me think of the Peter Gabriel song from WallE). But I must confess, I think about spring a lot these days. I cannot wait for green, green, green.

And with the time change yesterday- it's very dark here this morning but I know soon that will change and we'll have light from the early hours until bedtime. And speaking of bedtime, losing an hour this weekend and childhood bad dreams are a really tough start to a Monday. So back to thinking of buds and blooming and hopefully some snow melt.

Happy Monday.

My tiny little town for the past year and a half. We've really enjoyed what a small town offers. But blink and you'll miss it.

Pretty Smart

Grandma sent this globe to my daughter for her birthday a few weeks ago. I must say, it might be the best "toy" we've had.

The best part is that there is something for all ages. My little one can learn geography, my bigger ones like to find out distances and odd facts of other countries and even us big folk have picked up a thing or two. The price isn't cheap but it is well worth the cost.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Date Night

We called it an official date night- put the kids to bed, made popcorn and grabbed a Heineken. I lasted all of five minutes with this movie. This is what led up to the quick flick.
Is the whole thing going to be like this?
Uh, yes, it's Batman.
Really? This is what these movies are like? Every five seconds someone is getting shot?
Click went the remote. Apparently my honey didn't want date night to be a bunch of whining and talking during the movie.

Don't worry, we ate out popcorn and drank our beer but to something much less in need of me to cover my eyes.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Help Us Countdown

Hmmm, boy wakes up and is surprised to see what is outside. "But it was sunny yesterday. Isn't winter supposed to be done"? he asks.

Yep, snowing again. Please help us countdown the 15 days left until spring arrives. Surely it will be nice then, right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Because We Collect Stuff

Recently my husband made a comment about how we as a family tend to collect things- namely we collect certifications. Whether for work or as an outside interest, we do tend to add em up. Last year Josh got his real estate license "for fun" and now he's working on his volunteer fire training certification. It's a long process and he loves every single second of it. And because it's been awhile since I got my teaching license, I figure I'd better add to the collection soon.

So, I have paid my dues and am getting ACE certified to become a Group Fitness Instructor (less of a commitment than a personal trainer) and a LeMond spinning instructor. You know, if I'm gonna take the class, I might as well teach it and make some extra income. My hope is to have all my testing wrapped up by the summer and be able to pick up some spinning and circuit training classes before the fall. Flexible hours, decent pay, staying in shape- and our wall of collected certifications gets just a bit more crowded.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Running in the Rain

Early this morning as light was finding it's way, I ran through the rain. All the way up the hill I wondered why no one told me marathon training was hard. Demanding. Tough.

Then my focus shifted and I tried to find the positive in being the first one up and out of bed, out in the rain and breathing hard. Here is what I found; the dewey, wet morning is faboulous for a gal's complexion. It's fun to play "avoid the worm" incorporating plyometrics. No one is awake or out to see my smeared mascara leftover from the day before racoon eyes. It's a really good way to pray in quiet, especially at the start of the day. And finally- the coffee tastes that much better with a homecoming stretch.

Marathon training is hard, demanding, tough and time-consuming. And when the run is over for the day- I love it and I look forward to tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Date

Our American Heritage Girls troop has been studying etiquette for the past few months. Tonight it will pay off. Josh and our daughter are now zipping into Seattle for a fancy, schmancy dinner. The girls and their dads will have a multiple course meal including lots of silverware to wash. Afterwards I hear they will dance and have cheesecake. Doesn't that just sound sweet?

It's raining and blowing and really yucky here tonight-isn't this a great transport look?

Deep Breaths

Basketball season ended yesterday. It was a great season- the kids played their hearts out and they had fun. But mama is glad that the shuttling has come to a quiet end.

These cookies turned out pretty cute. I would make a different frosting next time (not milk & powdered sugar)- it came out too lumpy looking. But they were eaten up quickly and rumor has it, they weren't too shabby.