Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Because We Collect Stuff

Recently my husband made a comment about how we as a family tend to collect things- namely we collect certifications. Whether for work or as an outside interest, we do tend to add em up. Last year Josh got his real estate license "for fun" and now he's working on his volunteer fire training certification. It's a long process and he loves every single second of it. And because it's been awhile since I got my teaching license, I figure I'd better add to the collection soon.

So, I have paid my dues and am getting ACE certified to become a Group Fitness Instructor (less of a commitment than a personal trainer) and a LeMond spinning instructor. You know, if I'm gonna take the class, I might as well teach it and make some extra income. My hope is to have all my testing wrapped up by the summer and be able to pick up some spinning and circuit training classes before the fall. Flexible hours, decent pay, staying in shape- and our wall of collected certifications gets just a bit more crowded.

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