Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running With the Pack

All day long I will be singing "Oh I just can't WAIT to be king". The music at last night's Lion King will be swirling around our heads for some time. It was that good.

Even from the nosebleed seats at this old theater, we were amazed with the Broadway set, animal costumes, singing, etc.

As great as the show was, I must say most of the fun was in just getting there. We bought the tickets for our daughter's birthday gift. It was to be a big night out with just mom and dad for our newly ten year old. The excitement began with a miscommunication with our sitter. She thought she was to arrive at 5:30 not 5pm. With a dinner reservation in the city at 5:45, stress set in. We got to the restaurant just past 6pm to find our table had been given away. "Next time call us" said the hostess. Groan.

We ate fast and furious to be at the theater in time. We even skipped dessert! A complimentary birthday sundae went by the wayside so that we could run three blocks over to the show.

"Hello Dolly" my husband said looking up at the marquee. At that point I pulled the tickets out of my purse. Oops. Wrong theater. My honey quick grabbed his phone and looked up the Lion King. We had 15 minutes until the performance was to begin.

"It's at the Paramount, Heather"! Another oops. Fast as gazelles we ran four or five blocks over to the theater on his phone. "Huh? March Madness"? I breathlessly inquired. "This isn't Lion King"! He dialed in again on his map. "But it says Paramount" Josh exclaimed.

I quick asked a native city slicker where the Lion King was. Only to be told it was another Paramount theater, seven blocks away and we'd never make it in time. "TAXI" we yelled.

Would you believe we got there just as the lights were dimming? "That was fun" I giggled. A fine time to say hakuna matata .

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Regina said...

that actually does sound like fun!!