Monday, March 30, 2009

A Springy Sunday Afterall

Okay so the snow melted quickly and the sun came out making the day not as bad as we thought. We got to finally meet our friend's sweet, little Jason after Mass today. Please stop by Lora's site and see this cutie for yourself. Also swing by Chickens in the Burbs and see how baby Cabrini is growing. She's almost two months now and we just got to meet her yesterday, too.

Now onto the rest of the day...

Our local farm store has baby chicks for $2.99. At that price we wanted to buy them all!

Woodpecker feeders outside bedroom windows are finally in place.

Things are blooming. My tulips are really coming up and there are buds on the trees!

Our awesome neighbor, AJ, made all the kids wooden boats to have the first official boat race down the creek to the river of the season. Hmmm, his won- you think it was fixed?

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