Wednesday, April 1, 2009

They Got Me

My little schemers actually got me. I HATE spiders. I freak out over spiders-always have, always will. Fortunately my daughter doesn't bat an eye to cupping a spider and setting it free far, far away outside. (I've even gotten her out of bed at night to get one for me, I know, I'm pathetic.)

Sitting at the table working with my middle man today, in comes the spider saver to retrieve her glass to cover the unwanted visitor. "It's a really big one, mom".
"Really? Where???" my voice quivered.
"On my wall" she nonchalantly answered.

So a few minutes later she comes towards me and the patio door. "Careful not to drop..." That very instant she tripped and the glass and unwanted visitor hurled toward me. "AGHHH" I screamed.

Laughter broke out like crazy and I saw the "big spider". Stinkers.


Regina said...

your kids are awesome!

Molly O Designs said...

Too funny! Rich has a crazy fear of all vegas bugs. He has been known to yell for me to take care of one even if it is dead.

I JUST saw Lourde's email that you were here and everyone was meeting at the park! I can't believe I missed it. I want to cry. I would have loved to see you. I hope you had a great trip and pray I get to see you next time :)