Thursday, April 23, 2009

Calling All Dragons

There's been a lot of slaying here today in honor of St. George. Dragons have been coming out of the woodwork and even constructed out of legos.

This morning we made blueberry scones and drank tea for listening to the story. I have always adored this book but never owned it. And funny enough, yesterday we stopped at the bookstore to pick it up and the jolly cashier said, "St. George, let's see... why that's tomorrow!" as he proceeded to serenade us with some diddy about England that we've never heard before.

We also found another retelling of the story in this book that was on our shelf. I suppose we could read that later as I fashion some sort of dragonish dessert.

Straight from the story - do you like the dinosaur-turned-dragon??


Jessica said...

What great pictures and the scones look delicious! Happy feast of St. George!

Regina said...

it looks like your dinosaur has an upset stomach ;)