Monday, April 13, 2009

Trying the Triduum

What a whirlwind the past three days has been. Lent builds up for so long and before I know it, it's over. As always, I try to carry it on. Not just to Pentecost Sunday but you know, on. My Lenten resolutions, my prayer life- all of it. And the key word there was try.

Friday we went to stations at our church. It was very crowded and somber. Outside the skies were dark and rain fell periodically. Well-suited weather for such a day. And I'm terrible at fasting. I mean the second I am officially fasting, my stomach growls. I try to be cheerful and carry on business as usual but I usually end up feeling light headed and grumpy. But the key word there was try.

Saturday brought us lots of errand running and an egg dying fiasco to go in the record books. How is it that every single cup of dye can be overturned simultaneously and splatter in all directions? I laughed and I cried for you see, we're renters. Dye is not supposed to cover the floor and walls and counters of a rental property- it's just not. I tried to find the humor in it all as I told everyone to freeze and grabbed the roll of paper towel. Key know.

We ended the day making Resurrection cookies for the second year in a row. And for the second time, they were fun to make but did not do what they were supposed to. (Or perhaps we didn't do what we were supposed to?!) Instead of fluffy, hollow cookies, we got flat sticky pancakes. But we tried.

And finally Easter Sunday. The bunny came early and thankfully no raccoons got to the chocolates on the porch before the kids did. Mass was just beautiful. The egg hunt on the floor of the gymnasium was quick and not too challenging. And to back up and explain that- it rained steadily all day yesterday. Running into church and dodging puddles a woman muttered to me, "You gotta love the Pacific Northwest". So eggs just lay on the floor which makes the hunt last about 6.5 seconds and not a great backdrop for photography. But I did try.

The rest of the day was lazy and cozy. We watched old movies, cooked, played, ate a delicious dinner and as we went to put the little chicks to bed the rain finally stopped.

Easter blessings to you all!


Jessica said...

You have GOT to try the Resurrection Rolls next time -- we've always made the cookies in the past with some success but the rolls were a HIT and SO easy!

Happy Easter to you and your family! I loved seeing your beautiful family picture, and can't wait to meet you in a couple weeks -- Regina mentioned a possible Mom's night out?!? =)

Regina said...

you guys looked great. lovely rainbow image