Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two More to Go!

I officially have two more years to go until my 40th, in which I hope to be doing the Kona Ironman. Yes, one must always think b i g! But for this birthday I spent the morning on a group cycle ride with my new toy. I hit the mall with my girl and caught my son's baseball game. And although the weather was not at all what I ordered, we went into Seattle for dinner and a wet zipline ride at the park.

Sunday was another biking day, shopping for kids' bikes and hitting the bike rodeo to get our bikes checked up and have some fun. My sweetie and I celebrated our 13th anniversary with cooking a spicy shrimp dish and going for a walk. It may not have been the romantic beach getaway but it turned out nice. Sometimes nice is all we need to focus on the important stuff.

This boy had no shame to be the only one at the event on a big wheel- don't think he even noticed.
Who needs to go out when you can pop in a movie for the kids and hit the champagne?!

Chicks In Tents

Captivating title for girl scout camping, don't you think? I had a mostly fabulous weekend away with my girl and then some (except for being cold the ENTIRE time, my good buddy Renee snoring in my ear and the wicked cold I came home with).
The girls were responsible for pitching the tents, cooking and cleaning. They pulled off an awesome two hour hike and found some sweet shells at the beach. And by the end of the weekend, we all successfully can sing, "Hey soul sister..."

At It Again

It's been two years since the last snip and she's been begging to do it again. So just in time for summer, eleven inches off to Locks of Love.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sweet Stuff

Another First Communion has come and how excited was my middle man. Both he and his parents have spent the past eight months gearing up for this special sacrament in classes following Mass on Sunday. At first I was so completely reticent about "having" to take a class- that's why he's in Catholic school, I argued. It was selfish and I know it, I own up to that and in hindsight I learned a whole bunch about our faith so how can that be wrong?

Okay so back to the sweet stuff. My son couldn't wait to receive communion. He practiced and practiced, squeezing in one last confession at a parish up north, he was ready. This is the boy that at two would kneel down at daily Mass with such sweetness, people often remarked about him being a future priest. (Very much unlike the sturggles we have with our current 4 year old!) So last Saturday with a big smile he made his First Communion and counted down the hours till the second. What a gift.

Single Moms- How Do You Do It?

Last week was one loooong week. Husband gone for five days, fitness intructor interviews/auditions for me, doctors visits, sick seemed to be a wash of craziness. But this single mama did it and look at my pretty reward. They arrived in the mail addressed from my kids, wink wink. Incidentally one of my children really put his foot down insisiting they didn't send them, paranoid really. He has some stuff to learn...