Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Sweet Stuff

Another First Communion has come and how excited was my middle man. Both he and his parents have spent the past eight months gearing up for this special sacrament in classes following Mass on Sunday. At first I was so completely reticent about "having" to take a class- that's why he's in Catholic school, I argued. It was selfish and I know it, I own up to that and in hindsight I learned a whole bunch about our faith so how can that be wrong?

Okay so back to the sweet stuff. My son couldn't wait to receive communion. He practiced and practiced, squeezing in one last confession at a parish up north, he was ready. This is the boy that at two would kneel down at daily Mass with such sweetness, people often remarked about him being a future priest. (Very much unlike the sturggles we have with our current 4 year old!) So last Saturday with a big smile he made his First Communion and counted down the hours till the second. What a gift.

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