Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pears, Huh?

I've been trying to figure out what kind of weird apple tree is on our new property...It finally came to me at the fruit stand up the street yesterday- those aren't apples. I sure have a lot to learn- like now what to do with the bags and bags full of these things.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brotherly Breakfast

Sissy was gone all weekend camping and so these two bonded. Sometimes a change in family dynamic brings out the best. Or maybe it's just the big finger.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Fog

Fall brings such gorgeous color in this part of the world and also many foggy mornings. The way the trees can barely be seen for the first few hours of the morning is one of my favorite things.

"I'm NOT Joining Band"

And then the trumpet came home. I'm not sure what changed her very firm opinion about learning an instrument but when asked, "Why trumpet?" her answer...
"Mom, my favorite book".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Le renard et l'enfant

What a pleasant surprise in our red Netflix envelope...The Fox and Child was by far one of the most beautiful films I've seen. The scenery, the story (or lack of- it's more of a documentary film) and one of the cutest little girls ever. Go get it.

Sloughy Morning

It was simply too beautiful to go home this morning after the school drop so my little cranky companion and I grabbed coffee shop gear and headed to the Mercer Slough. I thought some nature would help lift his funk.

Although we didn't get far on our trail, we did breathe deeply, stop to look at many wonders and pretend some silly stuff. Less grumpy? Yep. And not only did we accomplish lifting spirits (nature/exercise will always do that) but I found some plans for my dream home. All of the buildings in the education center are sustainable and green and beautifully designed. Now I just need to find a piece of land, teach one bazillion cycling classes and buy some land so that I, too, can grow plants on my roof!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Week Down

Back to school has been busy. Real busy. And for the most part, it's been great. There is one particular second grader who just didn't "feel" like going this morning and one fifth grader who does not care for homework but I think they will get get with the program soon. I remember as a teacher that it takes a good few weeks to feel like it all flows right. Plus these little people are tired. Totally normal.

And so the question of the day is...why is my house not clean and why are there still mountains of laundry? I thought kids in school meant mom could be wonder woman?? Enough clicking here- today the house will be clean!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scholarly Gifts

A very wise lady taught me this summer how to make spritzers using essential oils. I am in love! A lovely little gift to someone else or even to yourself can be put together inexpensively and quickly.

I'm so very excited that the big kids are going back to school for the first time in two years TOMORROW! It's not that I'm excited they're leaving. I am thrilled that they are going into such a great environment. So the teacher in me got busy putting together a little sumpin for a first day gift.

Pep Talk Spritzers- when you need a little pick me up.
*Essential oils
*Witch Hazel
*Filtered Water
*Small bottles- I used 4ozs

I bought this Pep Talk blend premade at the health food store, but you could make your own using peppermint and orange essential oils. In a 4oz bottle found at many craft or health food stores for about $2.50, mix 2 tbsp. witch hazel with 10 tbsp. filtered water. Add 5-6 drops of oil. And here's where you can get crafty- make it with lavender and chamomile for bedtime. Combine rosewood, nutmeg, lavender, and sweet orange to relieve tension. Stop a headache with basil exotic, clary sage, lavender extra, and peppermint. You could make a bunch of spritzers for a healthy way to freshen the house, the car and you!

The boxes were from Michael's and were two for a dollar. We also forced ourselves into the chocolate shop for some treats to add- certainly not for us! ;)

Many, Many Thanks

Lourdes and Lisa knew I was having a very rough August. Of course they knew that, I called them crying my eyes out. And what did they do? What any great friend does, they sent me a classic St. Rita- my "go to" saint. Saint of the impossible. Thank you, ladies, I sure do love you!

Playdates Skype-Style

Technology at it's finest. A playdate yesterday afternoon with some Las Vegas friends- can you even imagine what their children will be doing?