Monday, July 27, 2009

The Countdown

My last Monday morning out the kitchen window. I'm gonna miss this place.

Cooling Off

Temps hit the 90's yesterday and we Washingtonians have no A/C. A house, while packing it all up, gets very uncomfortable in the late afternoon so we hit the river. Isn't it ironic we've been here 22 months and have yet to jump in the river right outside our house until it's time to leave?

Ragnar; A Smashing Good Time

Wow, what a weekend. I like to keep busy but this is kind of busy has no adjective. Friday was a beautiful (and HOT) day to start the relay up at the border.Me and Janet waiting for our runner to come by -very spirited at Birch Bay, maybe annoyingly so.

The race got off to a good start- we were all running well even in the high temps, our pace was fast, we were having fun. We even got to go out for burgers after the first leg and relax.
Me and Janet at about 9pm thinking we might get some rest. Do we look like we're ready to sleep? We were worse than ten year olds at a sleepover.

The second leg was a bit more turbulent. My portion of the leg began about midnight and very shortly there after- it came to a crashing demise.

I was nervously cracking jokes about my van not leaving me alone too long with all the pervs out and all (really, there were none but when I get nervous, I kid). Vans can leap frog a night runner but they can't stay next to them for safety reasons. I headed out the street and under a viaduct- it was pitch black so I adjusted my headlamp only to find that I lost all perception of the road and CRASH- down I went. Down, off the road, into some gravel. I can't tell you how startled I was to have hit so hard. I jumped up and not knowing what to do, began to limp ahead. When my van caught up to me I gave them the report, "I'm hurt, I'm bloody and my ankle is bad". And just because I don't quit, I continued the rest of the four miles completely aware that I'd done something quite stupid.One of the many boo boos.

The remainder of the night I iced and popped ibuprofen until we arrived at the stop jut past the Deception Pass bridge on Whidbey Island. About 3am we pulled out our sleeping bags and joined hundreds of bodies in the state park surrounded by the trees. We had a full two hours to get some sleep and it felt so good to lie down and stretch. Literally seconds later a very bright flash went off followed by a boom and all you could hear was a sea of groans as tired runners schlepped back to their vans with their bags. A nice storm followed that kept us all stuck in the very odoriferous van.
The view at 5am at the Deception Pass State Park-storm had passed and the sun was just ready to get up.

About 5am I realized I couldn't run my last leg that morning. Heck, I could hardly get to the honeybucket. I have awesome teammates and one amazing one, in particular, ran for me. (Thank you, Andy!)
Andy, sleeping with his beer. A quick nap is much deserved for him!

So we finished, I saw the medic, determined the ankle was sprained, the hip bruised and got the gravel out of my elbow, got a shower and headed to the party at the end. I'm bummed that I'm injured because this is a very busy week for us and I still need to be training for the next races coming up. Hurt or not, I still had a blast and of course, I'll be back next year. (Perhaps with a few more lights!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ragnar Time

I'm leaving here shortly to embark on this insanity again. Last year I was so full of anxiety to leave with a group of strangers. No so much the case this year, I know a few people in my van, I know sorta what to expect, and my mind is oh so preoccupied with moving next week that I can't focus on nerves.

I am looking forward to different scenery this year- I'm in Van 1 which means I start at the beginning in Blaine, WA (at the border of Canada). Which means I need to get an earlier start to meet my van for the drive up there. Which means I gotta go! See you all Sunday, bleary eyed and slap happy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Red in the Face

Yesterday was one of those epic long summer days. Too much in and out of the house with mud tracks to follow. Too many minor disasters (using mommy's rosary to "unlock" the bathroom door and incidentally scratching the tar out of the paint one week prior to moving out is NOT okay). Blackberry juice on the floor, on the clothes, on the walls...yep, one of those days.

You have to know that I am trying to finish packing and at the same time trying to clean out our rental so having kids in the mix goes against all my efforts. That being said, I escaped the house with the children plus a friend after dinner to head to the library. Finally out of the house, no more damage could happen, right?

Uh uh. Walking through the parking lot into the library, I heard a watermelon smash against the concrete. Silence behind me. In slow motion I turned to see my little guy on the ground, head against the curb. Then screaming. Oh no.

I did what any mom would do- the scoop, the hug, rearranged his long locks to find the big bump. Then I ran back to the car with the screamer in my arms and called Josh who was working at the firehouse.

"Joey hit his head across the street, can you run me over an ice pack?"

Less than one minute later the truck and aid car pull in with the entire department on duty. Do you know what color I turned? Fire engine red, indeed.

"I thought I just asked for an ice pack?" I squeaked.

Small town living, even if it's only for 6 more days, is very comforting. And for Joey? He's okay. One more lump to chalk up in his three year old life and one more story for his mama.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Our entire house smells like a campfire. Six loads into the wash, I still have several to go. But it's worth it. The smells, the dirt, the sand. Even the aggravation of being about an hour or so into our trip and getting called by the dog boarder telling us to come back and pick up our dog (which we DID NOT) was worth it.

For three nights we slept by the ocean which means we got to listen to crashing waves all night long. It's the most beautiful sound... next to your children (on a good day, I mean). And the sand, so soft and warm- felt fantastic for a few daily runs. However, the runs itself were great but the being sweaty with no shower and not being able to warm up afterward was the pits. I spent hours with numb and tingly fingers at the fireside, what is it with this running addiction?

I went to the ocean in expectation to fully relax and rejuvenate, so why do I feel even more tired than before I left?? Oh yeah, it's worth that, too.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Natural Remedies

There is almost too much going on in life right now. Camping this weekend, a twenty-four hour relay next week and then moving to a new house. Between packing and cleaning baseboards and cabinets, there is triathlon training, marathon training and teaching cycling classes. Oh yes, then there is regular, everyday stuff with children, a husband, a dog that runs away every time the door is left open and groceries to be bought. So what I'm saying is that last night's outing was much needed to forget about the looming list.

Throwing together some chicken salad and heading to a nearby lake is just the way I needed to spend the end of a long day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Holistically Happy

My friend hosted a long anticipated holistic day at her house yesterday. Diana, who is packing up her life and headed out on a year long trek across the country with her family, shared all her tricks. She taught us how to make kombucha, sourdough, homemade lotions and room spritzers, all about essential oils and flowers, and even some cranial sacral techniques that we can practice at home. I came home with a scooby in a jar to start my kombucha, sourdough starter, a bottle of lavendar lotion, a spritzer filled with immune building oils, a list of books that I want and tons of wisdom (like how to use my hands to stop a child's fever).

Am I a lucky girl, or what?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday Night Wussy

I haven't been to track night in a year. Track night is put on by my running club and a husband/wife team have a new agenda each week. But each week it's hard- there is no getting around it. I'm not a speed racer by any means but I believe I can become one if I just play nice with these track monsters.

I'm not a Wednesday night wussy because of my speed or because my lungs ring out a four-alarm fire two laps in...I am a complete and utter wuss when it comes to other people's spit. (On a lonely long run, I can spit like a pro. In a bush. With no one watching. Secret's out.) These guys must have had a lugey contest last night and I'm still cringing thinking about it. Lap after lap, it never failed- that disgusting snorty sound, the head turning looking to see if there were an open window, and whap! Splat.

Now no spittle ever landed on my person but being so close totally freaked me out. Is this a seasonal allergy thing? Is it the speed these maniacs are running? Will this go on all summer? Is this proper track etiquette?

I have full intentions of being a regular Wednesday night girl to train for Portland in the fall- but come on, can we show a little couth?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blubs Are In

Fully meaning to get more raspberries yesterday, we found out they were closed for the day for ripening. Bummer.

Lucky for us we found out blueberries were ready and just up the street. Blueberries have been by far the easiest to pick. They fall right off the vine into your hand. And if I thought we ate a lot of strawberries and raspberries after those pickings...let's just say our blueberry basket may have been a few pounds lighter when we got home.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Faves

On a last minute whim my daughter and I jumped into the car late yesterday afternoon for an all girl adventure. (That means we told the boys we had stuff to do an ran quick before too many questions).

With no photos to document, we had the best time. We rented a kayak at the lake and paddled around to check out the bald eagle the size of my three year old. The blue heron rookery was super cool, too- to be right under a heron as it dives for a fish is an awesome sight. And we rode the waves of boats and jet skiers while like professional surfers.

We were soaked at the end of our adventure so we took in some laps to train for our upcoming sprint triathlons. Okay, I took in laps while my little fish let me know she no longer wants to do the kids' tri. "I don't like the swimming part" she said, "or the biking" she added. Alrighty then, that saves thirty bucks off our summer racing line up.

The whole way home we talked about our favorite parts- was it the bog of plants we got tangled in or going out far past the buoys? I can't remember what we decided but I do know it was an evening I'll treasure for a long time.

And what a surprise to come home to this-

Our neighbors went crabbing and brought us home a little treat. What a way to end the weekend.

Fourth Fun

I uploaded my photos from the fourth and have to admit- we look like one wild and wacky group. From my middle man learning how to set the timer on my Canon...
To the boy who beat his glow sticks mercilessly to the beat of the band (no wonder there was glow stuff all over him!)...
To the self proclaimed "king of the fourth of July party" out to see his first fireworks show....
We got home close to midnight- enough time to listen to the neighborhood pops go for a few more hours. I hope you and yours got some sleep last night!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Have a sparky anniversary, mom and dad! xoxox

Friday, July 3, 2009

July's Picks

Wednesday commenced raspberry picking which means off to the store for more canning jars. And last nights' warmed berries over ice cream. And berry scones this morning. And many smoothies to come.

They reminded me of candy gumdrops hanging on the vine. And just like the strawberries, many were tasted before hitting that basket.

My little Las Vegas natives found it "too hot" in the 80 degree sunshine so they retreated to the shade while mama picked. My middle man took this very cool pic- I have no idea who belongs to that hand but I love it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fewer Calories, More Life?

I've mentioned before that I am not an Oprah worshipper, I mean follower. But as I flipped through channels on my bike yesterday I stopped only because I wanted to hear what Dr. Oz was saying. It was nutrition related so it caught my attention.

Do you know about this calorie restriction stuff? Apparently it has the Benjamin Button effect- by restricting your caloric intake, your vital organs actually grow younger. Huh?! They had a few people on who follow this lifestyle and eat roughly 1900 cals a day. They claimed that they have never felt better, healthier or more energized. You can read more about here.

And I'm super curious...can you maintain this eating plan and train for a marathon?