Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Faves

On a last minute whim my daughter and I jumped into the car late yesterday afternoon for an all girl adventure. (That means we told the boys we had stuff to do an ran quick before too many questions).

With no photos to document, we had the best time. We rented a kayak at the lake and paddled around to check out the bald eagle the size of my three year old. The blue heron rookery was super cool, too- to be right under a heron as it dives for a fish is an awesome sight. And we rode the waves of boats and jet skiers while like professional surfers.

We were soaked at the end of our adventure so we took in some laps to train for our upcoming sprint triathlons. Okay, I took in laps while my little fish let me know she no longer wants to do the kids' tri. "I don't like the swimming part" she said, "or the biking" she added. Alrighty then, that saves thirty bucks off our summer racing line up.

The whole way home we talked about our favorite parts- was it the bog of plants we got tangled in or going out far past the buoys? I can't remember what we decided but I do know it was an evening I'll treasure for a long time.

And what a surprise to come home to this-

Our neighbors went crabbing and brought us home a little treat. What a way to end the weekend.

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Regina said...

how awesome was that crab (or did the marine biologist daughter try to spare it the death penalty?)
sounds like loads of fun! i wish our weekend had been that enjoyable.