Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday Night Wussy

I haven't been to track night in a year. Track night is put on by my running club and a husband/wife team have a new agenda each week. But each week it's hard- there is no getting around it. I'm not a speed racer by any means but I believe I can become one if I just play nice with these track monsters.

I'm not a Wednesday night wussy because of my speed or because my lungs ring out a four-alarm fire two laps in...I am a complete and utter wuss when it comes to other people's spit. (On a lonely long run, I can spit like a pro. In a bush. With no one watching. Secret's out.) These guys must have had a lugey contest last night and I'm still cringing thinking about it. Lap after lap, it never failed- that disgusting snorty sound, the head turning looking to see if there were an open window, and whap! Splat.

Now no spittle ever landed on my person but being so close totally freaked me out. Is this a seasonal allergy thing? Is it the speed these maniacs are running? Will this go on all summer? Is this proper track etiquette?

I have full intentions of being a regular Wednesday night girl to train for Portland in the fall- but come on, can we show a little couth?


Regina said...

i am a running, oops jogging, spitting fool. though i dont snort out lugies. my mouth just gets clammy/dry/weird and i have to spit out the spit that is in it.

MandyPants said...

I, like Regina, can spit like a teenage boy when I run. I don't like to swallow the slimy spit that you get when running. 'nuf info?

Also, you go, I've done those Wed. workouts...that's some serious hard business...and the other hardcore runners are more than a little intimidating. However, everyone was super nice. :)

Good luck!