Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fewer Calories, More Life?

I've mentioned before that I am not an Oprah worshipper, I mean follower. But as I flipped through channels on my bike yesterday I stopped only because I wanted to hear what Dr. Oz was saying. It was nutrition related so it caught my attention.

Do you know about this calorie restriction stuff? Apparently it has the Benjamin Button effect- by restricting your caloric intake, your vital organs actually grow younger. Huh?! They had a few people on who follow this lifestyle and eat roughly 1900 cals a day. They claimed that they have never felt better, healthier or more energized. You can read more about here.

And I'm super curious...can you maintain this eating plan and train for a marathon?

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Regina said...

gee, you are back to training already!! 1900 calories doesnt sound like much if you are training for a marathon AND are already thin.