Monday, June 29, 2009

Sundays in Summer

Feeling a little Martha Stewartishy, we ate out last night in this picture perfect setting. (Not my sewing table by any means- just the background). If you ever pick up Sunset magazine, you must try the luau recipes. Coconut and lime shrimp, papaya and avocado salad...they're really good. And we were going to make the pineapple drop martinis but the liquor store was closed, darn it.

My in laws are sadly en route home today. My mother in law has us about half packed and all pictures down, holes spackeled and cleaned, and in GOOD shape. What a relief to still have a month left in this house and be so ready to go. She also got us to lighten our load big time which feels insanely good. We have scaled down clothes, shoes, trinkets, etc. Her wise advice to the mom who keeps every single thing from her children and her own childhood? Pick a few things and let. it. go.

I feel about ten pounds lighter. Thank you, Yanceys!

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