Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grandma Quail

Grandma is here and we love when she is. The house is cleaner, the kids are happier, outings are more fun and you get to wear cool, matching quail hats. (You'd have to know that quails live all around my mom and dad in Arizona and they make really cute sounds. I guess it helps to know also that my mom's name is Gayle- need I explain more??)

We hit the strawberry fest this weekend and although we had lots of fun, I can't get over my disappointment of no strawberry u-pick this year. The floods in January took their toll. Big time bummer. But fear not, strawberry jam seeking friends- we're trying our luck elsewhere today. Somewhere not on a river. Finally tall enough to work this bike!My little guy grabbed all the ducks on his ride claiming they were for dinner. I've never had duck before and I don't think I'm ready yet.
First pony ride and the major complaint was that his chin strap was too tight and he couldn't talk to the girl walking the horse. What a boy!

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Regina said...

you mom is beautiful.
'i couldnt talk to the girl'. . . CUTE!