Friday, June 12, 2009

In Your Face Mama

There was too much requesting of computer and Wii games yesterday from one of my people. I blew a short fuse and commanded all small people outdoors while I paid bills. If you knew how beautiful the area in which we are surrounded truly is, you too would find it hard to believe that children didn't long to be outside. Anyway, off they stomped while commenting, "There's NOTHING to do..."

From the window I hollered, "Ride your bike, shoot baskets, climb a tree, build a fort, find snakes, play catch, find SOMETHING and stay out!"

Whether out of spite or enthusiasm, they got serious about the adventure and set up camp far out in the field. My middle man came running in to get a pair of clothes that he would wear after "bathing in the creek". And they were going to sleep not in a tent, just in a sleeping bag on the ground. Meals were to be served out yonder. He was also soaking pine leaves in the sun because they're full of vitamin c and quite tasty, too. There was much more to the plan - but all I could think about were coyotes, bears, and creatures that bite.

So here they are at 9:30 last night, finding it difficult to fall asleep amidst the neighbor's volleyball game, the birds going to bed, someone chopping wood, and no stars out yet. (We got them to compromise and sleep closer to home and on air mattresses).

And just as expected, two came in and one stayed out. In your face, mama. I hope he decided to live with his family once again.

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SAHMinIL said...

Mine enjoy sleeping out, but after the horrible experience we had last summer I will NOT let mine sleep in the open air like yours did last night. My DS got bitten a live by some unknown bug, most like mosquitoes, so bad that is face was swollen for one week. (Of course we took him the Dr right away. His face the first day was so swollen that he could not open his eyes). Since then they can only sleep out if in a tent!