Monday, June 29, 2009

Run Like You Stole Something

Looking a little worn.

Oh man that was a fun and exhausting event. Saturday's Rock n Roll was so spectacularly smooth and organized, it couldn't have been any better. I have joked that the organizers of the race probably could have handled the hurricane Katrina disaster in a more efficient manner. I mean seriously, to have over 25,000 people all taken care of is a big feat. The only thing that drove me a little nutty was having to bob and weave through the sea of people to try and get my numbers. But with some fancy footwork and one near trip-n-fall, I did it! I made it under two hours (1 hr, 56 min) which was my goal.

My top ten favorites of the day:
1. There were enough honeybuckets for everyone- no line was long (unless you stood in the line at the first smattering of blue).
2. The crowd was awesome- especially the girl on Lake Washington that had the table of "free beer" set up in Spongebob dixie cups. That got an audible laugh from me.
3. The guy at about mile 11 holding the 'run like you stole something sign' made me think, "I'm trying, I'm trying but I think I'm busted". There came a point of sucking wind and pain and I so wanted it to end.
4. The AMAZING weather made running over the bridge and into the city an all time favorite. Have you seen Seattle on a clear blue day? The water and the green blows my mind. Especially seeing it from running through the streets- we felt like we owned the place.
5. Coming through the finish line still wearing my full marathon bib (they never changed it to switch to the half!!) and hearing the announcer question if I was a very fast finisher. Okay, that was fun but embarrassing. I'm no Kenyan.
6. The sweet, sweet young man who draped the foil blankie over me as I began to shiver. Bless his heart, it felt so good.
7. The girls at the complimentary beer garden who looked at me sadly over the fence as I waited for Josh to get his free beer. "Don't worry, you will be in here soon enough" they said. "Oh! No, no, no- they wouldn't let me in without my ID". I told them. God bless them for their looks of surprise when I told them I was 37.
8. The woman at the coffee shop afterward who had just run a very quick full marathon and then sat down with a smile on her face to nurse her new baby. Wow!
9. My chocolate milk. Never finish a race without it.
10. And lastly, going to bed early on Saturday. Exhausted but feeling really, really good to know that this week of busyness was done. And done well.
Josh and I in front of Qwest Field where the Seahawks and Sounders play. So happy to be done.


Regina said...

WOW, that is a fast time!! you are amazing.

carol said...

You're awesome, Heather...or should I say "extraordinary by almost every measure"? That won't be the last time you hear that from me. :)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

GREAT JOB! I was hoping to hear about your race soon! I didn't realize it was already! I am hoping to do the half marathon next year to beat my last year's time. I have a goal for under two hours too. My other goal will be to take NO bathroom breaks this time! :)