Friday, June 26, 2009

My Fifteen Minutes

of fame...

What a surprise this week to get a message from the sports reporter at the Seattle Times. He was looking for the "average" runner set to race in the Inaugural Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon this Saturday.

"Should I take offense to being called average"? I asked my husband.
"Nah" he replied. "Do it and have fun".

So just like that, the interview was done, and the photographer came out to the house to catch me on a run. And you'll never believe that in the course of just a few minutes we figured out we both graduated from the same high school in Palatine, Illinois. So we had to digress from lights and cameras and talk all about Durty Nellies, the best little Irish pub where me and many others welcomed twenty-one. I swear, this world is a very, very small one.

So here's the article- know that the reporter was being very gracious. I'm only an average mom.

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Regina said...

how awesome are you. only 22 more hours ;)
how'd the test go?