Thursday, July 24, 2008

Run Forrest, Run!

I'm losing sleep. I'm excited and nervous and all wound up like top with a broken spring. The day has finally come.

Tomorrow I will set off with my pack for what will be my biggest adventure yet. I barely know the eleven other people that I'll spend the next 24 hours with. I say barely because I don't even know all of their names. What if I have to go to the bathroom? What if I get tired and cranky and need my space? What if I get carsick squished in a van with sweaty, stinky racing cronies? What have I done?!

Am I afraid that I'm the second youngest person on the team yet the slowest? A resounding YES! Please wish me luck and if you see me give me a shout out- just don't honk or I might run off the road!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Good luck and God bless! No more "what ifs" now--you'll do great.

PS. What an adventure!

Elizabeth M said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. Remember you're part of a team - you're in this together, not competing against each other.

Do all you can to enjoy the experience and the people you share it with. It certainly will be something to talk about.

And, hey, it gets you off the wheel for a whole 24 hours!