Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Not So Sure

Gung ho as I was to jump on the green bandwagon, I'm not so sure that I like cloth diapers. I won't get graphic but I will say that they are much harder to use than I thought. Perhaps it's because my two year old is the size of a high school linebacker. Perhaps it's because he can soil a diaper and not care for hours. Perhaps it's the general busyness of our home. I just don't enjoy it. I don't enjoy having the family hang out the window from the fumes when a culprit diaper is in the van. I am not having a good time with the numerous loads of laundry I do. (Granted they're small loads, they're loads nonetheless.) And perhaps the number one reason- the cloth tends to chafe.

There have been days when I'm out, really out- like at Ikea and I find it would be so much easier to just throw a stinky cloth away. I mean, am I really going to tell three little kids to just hang close while I swish away?

I know I sound very western and lazy but the ease of disposables is tempting me back. I'm waffling here. On the fence. Feeling more blue than green...


Molly O Designs said...

Hi Heather :) I used CD with all 3 kids. Let me know if you need some help or suggestions. And for the record, if we were going out to run errands, etc. I used a disposable.

Molly O Designs said...

I'm a goof. I just read your other post that mentioned that I used cloth diapers. LOL. I'm mommy brain dead right now. But the offer still stands if you need help or suggestions :)