Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bears On Berries or How to Terrify a Nine Year Old

Oh these summer days have been busy. And wonderful. And full of excitement.

We have lots of friends and family coming through the revolving door. It's chaotic and fun at the same time. Our friends that just came and went this week from Las Vegas were in for a real treat (us too, of course).

Ding dong- I get the door. It's a neighbor I hadn't met before.

Neighbor: Um, I just thought I'd let you know that there is a bear in the tree at the end of your driveway...being that you have little kids.

Me: startled look

Neighbor: By the way, my name is...


Well "a bear" turned out to be mama bear and two cubs who had found some real treasures of a berry kind up in the trees. And if you know anything about mamas and cubs- you don't want to be near them. So we stayed back a ways and kept the children away from the area. Until the next night when up the hill everyone went for a hike and snap went a branch. When my honey looked over he saw the same crew, same tree. They high-tailed it out of there and made it home.

And my poor bear-scared daughter may never leave the house again. Instead she will remain at home base drawing "No Bears" pictures and wishing it was time to hibernate.

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Shani said...

LOL! Cute story - brought back some memories of my childhood in Michigan. Thanks for sharing!

Have a lovely weekend!
God Bless,