Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Signum Fidei Panis Vital

What a treat yesterday to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration for Archbishop Brunett. My neighbor invited me to tag along with him for the festivities so I quick found a sitter, jumping at the chance to get dressed up and have a day in the city.

Afternoon Mass took place at St. James Cathedral which was just brimming with beauty. The procession alone took nearly twenty minutes. The music, the candles, the banners, it was all so regal.

My photos are few and rather dark. I didn't want to be obnoxious so I quick shot a few not even thinking about the lighting. Trust me, it was better in person.

The beginning of the procession. Hundreds of priests, bishops and lay people filled in all the empty seats followed by Archbishp Brunett in the end.

Speaking of music, the hair on my arms stood at attention every time the choir behind me broke into song. It was the most wonderful accompaniment I have ever heard in a church. "Is it always like this in Mass?" I asked my companion. "No, not quite" he answered with a smile.

I just loved seeing all the young men stand who are currently in the seminary. (I believe the number is around 30!) And then the many, many priests who stood that had been ordained by the Archbishop- truly amazing. With a special message from Pope Benedict at the closing, I felt as if I were in the Papal audience myself. It was that special.

An invitation only reception and dinner followed just up the street at the Convention Center. Being in the presence of so many holy priests and nuns was just a kick for me-something I'm not used to. The tables were elegantly set with gold and maroon with a mint medallion at each chair for keepsake.

I felt so blessed and honored to be involved in such a celebration.
I won't forget it.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I've never been to anything like that, but I'll bet it was awesome and so - in the presence of God kind of thing. That was great that you were able to attend!

Have a lovely week,