Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Raging River

Subtitled, Mom and Dad Stop Reading Now

It happened already. What we were warned about. A young man lost his life last night in the cold and raging river.

Just as my friend and I stepped out take our little ones for a walk we heard the sirens. And the many helicopters. And the water.

As we neared the river all I could think was, "Dear God, please help them. Please don't let it be a child." And then, "Hail Mary...".

To digress, it's been an abnormally hot weekend. Most people up here don't have air conditioning so the river has been full of rafts floating for days. Four young men set out early yesterday evening on two rafts. Just at the bend of the river near our house they capsized. Three were able to get to safety and one never resurfaced.

As we approached the scene we saw what we thought to be a rescue raft. A man frantically paddling with his arms on his belly and looking. Looking. Searching. We later learned that it wasn't a professional- it was the lost man's friend. That scene is burned in my mind and I can't help but get sick to my stomach thinking about how he felt.

As the hours went on the search died down. The water right now is not suitable for rafting. It's pure snow melt and freezing. It's fast and high and not clear yet. All signs to keep out.

So please say a prayer for a 32 year old man who lost his life to the river. And be safe.

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