Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thoughts Interrupted

I feel lately like a mouse on a wheel. You know the ones that go around and around? I'm having fun, honestly, I am. I'm quite enjoying the ride but I'm looking out through my glass cage and seeing my pen and paper across the room. It makes me want to jump off this spinning thing and go sit and write. And write. And write. But I can't stop the spin. It's too fast.

I have thoughts swimming on several topics. One magazine article I'd like to put together. Ideas in response to some fellow blog writers. Two children's book ideas both colliding in my mind. The empty box for love notes I'd like to compose to my sweetie. And of course there are the homeschool plans.

I just haven't had time. Even a blog here and there is tough these days. I remember the winter with long, rainy days and not much happening and they seem so long ago. Not that I want to wish away this picture perfect summer - I just want to hop off the wheel for a minute and compose. I suppose I'm afraid that the thoughts will turn to dust and disappear if I don't pen them soon.

So if you happen to peer into my glass house, fill my water bowl and wave hello. It will be good to see you. And if you don't mind- stick your finger in and see if you can get this motion to slow down.


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Would it help if I joined you on that wheel? I could always use the exercise.

Late July has this effect on me too, Heather. For Moms & teachers alike, the month of August looms like one looooong Sunday night of preparation before that first big day of school.

Let's relax together, okay? It's summer, after all! The grass is green and the sky is blue! The birds are cheeping in the trees!

(We've been listening the Frog and Toad musical. Can you tell?)

Well, anyway. How about you & me jump off the wheel and sit for a spell...maybe at a park with a blanket, some kool-aid and (of course) our kids.

God loves you and so do I. There will always be time for those things that He wishes, namely, to grow in love more and more each day.

The rest is just icing. :)

Christine said...

Hi! I'm just a visitor visiting after Margaret(above) told us to come by and say hi! No advice for stopping the wheel or even slowing it down - I'm not very good at slowing down, and when it's slow I tend to want to find more to do.

I love all of the ideas you have in the post, and your pictures in your blog are beautiful, I'll have to come visit more often.

Anonymous said...

You have sweet advice from Margaret. Isn't she a dear? Growing in love is the best advice. Is there room on the wheel for a pocket notebook. My dh carries one everywhere to capture stray thoughts. Maybe you could share the children's book ideas with your children and see where they take it. It just might solidify the ideas until you have a rest and time to write.

Journey of Truth said...

Just coming by to say "hullo". Margaret is such a good buddy! She's brought along friends! I love Pacific NW summers. I haven't had one in years (well, about four years to be exact). I go back w/ the family to visit my side on B.I. every five years or so. Not often enough, though.

Hope the wheel slows a bit, but keep enjoying!

Jessica said...

I feel the same way! (Except for the writing part! I can't write! :) )

This summer seems to be going so fast, and life feels SO busy! I too am enjoying it, but a few days of a slower pace would really be nice. I am beginning to look forward to the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hello, friend! Any friend of Margaret's is a friend of mine. I so understand the "wheel" feeling. How can I be going all day long and still feel so behind?! I suppose it is just that time in my life. It's not about me-it's about these 5 precious souls God entrusted to me.And, red wine always helps! Take care and God bless you!

The Sojourner said...

Hello! Another of Margaret's groupies here. I don't have kids (yet) but I do have a long-distance relationship (very very wonderful, but hard) and the realization that sophomore year is only a month away. One month today, in fact, I will be driving back to school. Meanwhile I have 4 1/2 weeks of crazy preparation. Meanwhile my novel badly wants to be written. So I feel for you.

Kasia said...

*waving* Hello! :-)

(The bear story is adorable!)

Elizabeth M said...

Funny, I think we're all on these wheels so often and don't even think of it that way. But sometimes it takes a reminder (like this one) to try to stop the wheel even for a short time and enjoy a moment. Tonight after dinner we took a break to enjoy the rare comfortable weather (here in NJ it's been 90s and humid lately). So we went off to the "wooden park" in a neighboring town (one that has all kinds of climbing, slides, balancing, monkey bars, etc.) and the kids got some evening play! It helped dh and I regroup too. We need to remember to just mix our days up with simple pleasures before the summer is gone, or the kids drive each other (and us) crazy!

All of the work and household tasks are still to be done, but even a little break off the wheel can help as a mental break! My dh also finds it easier to write after a break to clear his head!

Rose said...

Hi there! I came from Margaret's blog, as well. I often feel like I'm spinning my wheels and it's frustrating for me to have a list of things I want to do but realistically know I can't do. Mainly because I'm slow. I came to that realization on a recent vacation with another Catholic family where the other mom literally ran circles around me. I asked what I could do to help prepare dinner-- she gives me the cheese grater and a chunk of cheese. So, I start grating. By the time I'm finished, I turn around and ask if there is something else I can do, there she is handing out plates to everyone. Your post lets me know that there are others out there like me who don't always get everything done.