Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art In Two Corners

This is what it looks like when the big kids go out to play soccer with daddy and my little guy and I listen to good music and make fine art.

What you see is my spot, nice and tidy. Painting canvas with a little wine- all is good.
Then you see his spot. Messy, very messy. Does he care for a paint brush? No! He likes his fingers just fine. What you see is paint accordingly wiped on the chair and table. What you don't see is paint wiped all over the back of the chair in pretty rainbow colors. Also missing from the picture is him. He needed the firing squad as you can imagine.
Here is the final result of my quick and easy canvas to hang over my sewing area. Unfortunately the little guy's artwork was too saturated in paint to make it to the wall.


Easter A. said...


You amaze me. You are so creative! We have a homeschooler here who became professional. Are you one? Have you thought of becoming one? I tell you, I love looking at your work and pics.

Did your brother get a job? Please come and visit. I included his name on the Friday prayer for the unemployed.

God bless,

jana (and sometimes renee) said...

I love those! I've been looking for two canvases for my new apartment that are similar in design and color to what you made. I guess I have no excuse not to try and make some myself... but I'm 100% sure they won't look that good.