Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

What a different kind of 4th we had- we weren't sweating like mad and surviving only in the pool. It was actually chilly and overcast. But still it was a good day. My favorite part, you ask? Going to Lowe's and getting new pots and flowers- I just love planting. Let's see what else did we do...

We sewed some new straps on an old handmade dress.

We made yummy treats inspired by Martha (I think that was the inspiration- not sure!)

We lit sparklers. One of us for the first time...

"Excuse me, could you please stop lighting the bush on fire my little pyro??"

And we snuggled up and watched the fireworks on TV- so much less crowded that way and parking is no problem.

The remainder of the weekend was pretty much the same- low key. Sometimes you just need one of those. A long run, confession to get squeaky clean followed by Mass, cleaning and more cleaning, organizing and just being together.

Funny that we have to barbecue like this up in the Pacific Northwest.

We're becoming old pros with the rain- now we enjoy it. (Some more than others-did I happen to mention already all the cleaning?!)

What a beautiful way to wrap it all up- farewell to another speedy weekend.

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