Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

The list is long and the pictures are light (meaning I forgot my camera for all the good stuff). We had my brother with nephews and niece until Saturday afternoon and what fun we had exploring the great outdoors. The park, the creek, the garden, a bonfire, the boys took in a Mariner's game, the girls went raspberry picking, and good old fashioned play time.

Here's a photo of my brother with his eldest, Sam, who is very dear to us.
The remainder of Saturday was spent on washing all linens and towels, scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, putting away too many toys, etc. and getting ready for the new crew arriving this morning. And when all was done we were exhausted. It felt good to settle into the couch with a bowl of popcorn and this cute little movie I picked up at the library. It fit nicely with all our bear activity this week.

And lastly, Sunday led to one of my favorite days this summer. In our usual running late to Mass fashion (mind you we drive a half hour to get there), I panicked. "We're going to be late, at least 10 minutes late" I said. Then added, "I HATE being late!" I probably should also add that I was so grumpy and frazzled that I made one child cry in the back and the other two looked very wide-eyed. What do I hate more than being late for Mass? Leading my children to think I have multiple personalities. Ugh, the regret. So back to the happy, pretty part-I had my husband do a quick check of Mass times for that Cathedral I loved so much. And what do you know- we had just enough time to make it there and not be late for Mass at our usual church. So into the city rolled and I just adored it. After donuts and coffee in the sunshine we headed down to the beach for low tide. We found many a treasure before we headed over to the sandy beach to play. I loved watching my kids run about in the waves with ships off in the distance behind them. I loved watching them drip ice cream down their legs while walking back to the car. I loved the mandetory sand wipe prior to entering the newly cleaned car. And I guess I just plain loved being with my family on such a beautiful day.

Preferably with the camera next time!

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