Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh it's been a busy one...We had two sets of visitors come and just pass eachother within a few hours. Our first round came Thursday from Las Vegas and very much appreciated the cooler weather and greenery. We spent Friday strawberry picking at a nearby farm. And who could believe that my camera came but with empty batteries? What a bummer! My son saved the day with his VTech digital cam.

The night finished with a bonfire and marshmallows with a little chase game in the sunset.

Miriam and I spent the afternoon trying, yes I said trying, to make strawberry/rhubarb jam. We both agreed that the recipe we were following was written by a very old, blind woman (no offense to those grannies!!). It made no sense whatsoever and we laughed ourselves to tears. Our jam is runny and tasty but not quite right.

Saturday was spent in Seattle- market, aquarium, taking in the sights.

My favorite part of the day was stopping in St. James Cathedral. I decided that once a month we'll trek on in for Mass- it's just that special.

And a little boat fire across from our parking lot to make things super interesting when you're trying to get out of the city and get to the airport. Then quick to get home, wash sheets and towels and get set for more trips down memory lane.

Sunday came fast and what a treat for me to go out to lunch with two of my bestest, old friends that I lived with for years in college! And to finally welcome into the circle of mommyhood- Karen, who after many years had a beautiful child. We are so thankful!

So I'm off to go enjoy a few last precious moments with my dear friend and to nibble her little one's neck.

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