Monday, February 4, 2008

Did I Really Say Yes?

Because my good friend Angel says that you have to "get busy livin'", I have said yes to this!

I have been known to get overly enthusiastic many a time; it's one of my greatest battles. It's a fight because I get excited about something and I say YES! and then it's just one more thing I have in the works. I've done it with sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, making books, home projects - the list is long.

Okay so back to the latest committment. Myself and eleven other runners will set out on a 24 hour expedition and run in a relay for 187 miles starting at the Canadian border more or less and running down Western Washington to the end of Whidbey Island. And yes, I said 24 hours. An entire day of a mobile slumber party so to speak with runners of all ages and backgrounds only hopping out of the car to run my portion of the race. Oh the madness.

And to not appear as superwoman (because I am far from that) when my dear friend Lisa asked me if there was anything I can't do... The answer is a resounding yes. Yes Lisa, I haven't sat down to finish those baby blankies that I started last September for the twins. I promise they'll come. Maybe I will run them to you this summer!

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