Friday, February 15, 2008

An Experiment of Sorts

You may know that my little one often gives me big trouble. He is a professional two year old. For us homeschooling moms, this can be a lethal mix in the day. Many a tantrum can occur with occasional book throwing, scribbling inappropriately in sissy's religion book, and a ripped page from big brother's phonics book. But this week...there's been none of that. Do you want to know why?

This week the doctor is in and there is an experiment in the works. This week we are going napless. Yes! Napless. Don't report me to the authorities on this but my two year old is awake ALL day. Huh, you say?! That doesn't make sense to leave an intense child to run for an entire day without recharging, you say. Well, my experiment happened by mistake. Perhaps Divine Intervention is spilling into the house-hold system. We got unintentionally busy on Monday and my little bear didn't sleep. To our surprise he fared nicely all day. Less meltdowns, cheery disposition. And that night there was no jumping up and down in the crib screaming blue murder. He quietly laid down and (gasp) slept!

It's been that way all week long. Joey has played endlessly and he's been chipper. (Despite a minor setback at the post office yesterday). He goes to bed about 7pm without a fuss. And you're not going to believe this but he's been asking to get into bed during books and prayers. So for now this professor is going forward with the new project and we'll eagerly wait for results. My more quiet time for mommy during the day but a peaceful child. Who could ask for more?

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