Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sick Day Leads to Great Imagination

Yesterday little Joey got his first stomach flu. You know what that means when they're two. It tears at your heart and at the same time is so messy that you can't leave their side in fear of the inevitable. So while Joey and I camped out on the couch with buckets and towels, the big kids had great adventures. (Of course they finished their school work first!)

The rain stopped so I sent them outside for some "fresh air". While pretending to fish in the trickle that runs through our yard, two bald eagle flew about 15 feet over their heads. They came back up yelling like mad with such happy faces.

Their next adventure took place in the basement. They created their own science center downstairs. It had such imaginative exhibits: bird watching, rolling cars down a hill to see which is faster, a gravity test, a stopwatch for throwing the ball in the air- to see how long the ball could stay up, a find it game with clues, and a baby center where you could take a grabby baby so "he won't mess up the exhibits". They even had a gift shop! Proud of their accomplishments, they were sorely disappointed when mom put the kabosh on their magnet center. For some reason they couldn't understand that a brand new box of magnet experiments had to be used for a monitored science lesson. Mean mommy said "kitchen table only". I hope they don't still resent me.

And that leads to our last great fun of the day...magnets! And what a beautiful sight - they are all being contained on the kitchen table. Millions of magnets in one place makes for one happy mommy.

Homeschooling can be such a wonderful thing. I bet the big kids learned an abundance today from their experiences and boy did they have a blast.

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