Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Penances Abound

Last night I caught an old episode of Mother Angelica Live on EWTN. I love that woman. She is so funny, so holy and definately speaks her mind. The episode aired years ago the day before Ash Wednesday and she spoke about sacrifices and Lent. I had to laugh when she scoffed giving up sweets. If she only knew just how hard that is for some...ahem- me! Anyway it was it good reminder of giving something up in hopes that it will be forever. Not just 40 days but a change for good. She also talked extensively about penance. Each of us can use difficult situations as a penance. We're off to a good start with that at our house. My daughter woke up and is on the 'verge' of the stomach flu that began Monday. She is couch bound and moaning so I suppose 9:30 Mass is out of the question. Joey woke up all out of sorts. The whining and crying this morning is almost too much to take- but then that's a penance, right? I'm just going to put that smile on my face and take it. All day long.... (I may sound optomistic but then again it's not even 8am.)
Have a wonderful Ash Wednesday everyone. May you find grace and penance, too!

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