Monday, February 11, 2008

Remind Me Why I'm Doing This Again?

Yes, it's one of those days. My husband could probably get to the root of why but nonetheless, it's upon us. The day that I ask myself through tears and clenched fists- why am I homeschooling again? And it's really not so much the school part. Math was done with very little complaint and quickly I might add. All subjects were checked off and books were put away. So that element actually was pretty good. Today the problem lies deeper. I'm feeling like I can't get a breath. Like winter will never end. Like the sun might have forgotten Washington altogether. Homeschooling means being together all day long. All week long. The weekend, too. I'm not embarrassed to say it- homeschool is hard. It's especially hard today. Pray for me that we make it to Tuesday.

Before I could even publish this post, the day got brighter. Some robins played right outside the window and we all noticed. (Spring might come here afterall). My dear friend Miriam called to tell me an amazing story about Padre Pio. Our little neighbor came by for thirty minutes and played with all three kids. And now Joey is taking a nap. I think we just might make it to Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled on to your blog after viewing my own blog then clicking on "next blog". Anyhoo, I got excited to find another homeschooling mom who blogs! This particular post hit me. I had this same feeling for most of January. I'm so thankful that God gives strength, renewing love and a fresh, new light to our homeschool in these moments. Sounds like He gave you the same that day!

God bless!

BTW: You must live somewhere near're place is amazing!