Friday, February 22, 2008

She's Not Budging

So we've had a hard time with Belle lately. (Does that sound familiar?) She won't go outside. We finally have this lush, green paradise for her to run amok in and she won't budge. Our daily scene is thus- Belle whining at the door to go outside with a full bladder. One of us gets up to let her out and PING - she's gone. She runs away. Like far down the hall and into her bed.

Well let me tell you that this behavior gets old and frustrating real quick. Yesterday I lost my patience with her and carried the snarling on the outside, wimp on the inside to the patio myself. All 300 pounds of her! (Okay, that's an slight exaggeration.) She sat at the door and barked at me for 45 minutes without going potty. It had been about 8 hours, what in the world??

My husband who holds so much more wisdom than myself- came up with the diagnosis this morning. She's afraid. There is a shooting range a few miles from here but when shots are fired, they echo off of the surrounding mountains loudly. So my big, wussy dog is scared of the sound of gunfire.

At least she hasn't jumped into the bathtub yet!

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