Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hearts and Brains and Lungs, Oh My!

We go to a fabulous co-op once a week at a Catholic church near us. There is a wide variety of classes to choose from including science. In just the last few weeks PJ has gotten a literal hands study of the heart (thank you Miss Moo), the brain (a shout out to the sheep) and the lungs. This is what they made last week to see how the diaphragm pushes up gently as the lungs expand.

Do you think a 5 year old boy likes this stuff? You bet your sweet bippy he does!

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Journey of Truth said...

That is just way too cool!

Love this blog and all the pics you post. I'm orginally from an Island in the Sound and have been away for a LONG LONG time. I get homesick just looking at the fog in the trees!!

Ave Maria,