Monday, February 18, 2008

For Love

My daughter asked me last week if she could cut her hair and give it to someone who needs it. Someone with cancer. She and I watched a show recently about a girl the same age who had cancer. A little girl despite her illness who was so full of life; happy and courageous. And she loved her wigs. We were both devastated to learn at the end of the show that she passed away. It sunk in for us both.

I was hesitant for Grace to cut her hair short- she had long hair her entire almost- 9 years of life. I emplored her really, seriously think about this. In all my seriousness she joyfully reminded me that hair grows back. Right. Even more to my surprise was daddy's response, "It's her hair and if that's what she wants to do..."

So off we went last Friday with the near excitement of Christmas morning. My beaming child had 11 inches of hair cut off just like that. To me she is more beautiful than ever. And knowing that she wants to grow it out again for another child makes me swell with pride.

To learn more about donating hair to Locks of Love, please visit their website at

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