Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Checklist

So it's going to be a busy week here. Doctor appointments, co op, baseball practices commence, ballet, a play on Wednesday in the city, continued marathon training and we can't forget school work, right?

But I am feeling a mandatory spring cleaning coming on and so I thought I would put it into words and inspire (hopefully) some more organization in the blogging air. Wasn't it last spring that the mamas got together and shared laundry, closet, and kitchen projects??

After baking up a storm this weekend I can see that my supplies are in desperate need of spring sprucing. My kids drawers hardly close with jammed up ill-fitting clothes, Closets are an eyesore. And my junk drawer might just grab your hand if you reach in. So here's the plan- and if you have other solutions or motivations, please share! (Before and after pics to come).

Monday: Laundry room
Clear off counter top. Find space for all the extra towels, blankets by clearing out cabinets. Old and never used sheets and towels to be given away or thrown away if in bad shape. Pretty up the space to be incentive to keeping organized.

: Junk drawer
Redo address book (my current book was made by my daughter in preschool six years ago and is in a million pieces that jam up the drawer every single time). Come up with a system for junk drawer contents ie pens, pencils, stamps, etc.

Wednesday: Master bedroom closet
Clean out clothes to donate. Although I have done this already this year, the closet it simply too small to contain it all. And really, we don't need it all. Figure out a system for workout/running gear that constantly falls off the shelf. We're going for nice, clean lines here folks.

: Daughter's closet and drawers
Donate clothes that don't fit. Help her de-clutter all of her "treasures". I can't imagine moving again with the collection of stuff at hand.

: Boy's closet and drawers
This is an easier task because we can reuse my middle man's stuff. The in between stages will go into marked bins in the garage. All of the little guys stuff will be donated. Excuse me while I grab a tissue.

Saturday: Kitchen
This will take me the longest. We don't have a great amount of storage space in our kitchen so I'll put everything on the counter and draw up a plan for function and flow. I plan to get all spices organized and ditch the old. The baking stuff- sugars, decorations, cutters, etc need to find a container of some sort. We eat a lot of nuts and seeds here and every time I open the cabinet the bags come tumbling out. Perhaps they need a container, too. This will be a good time to wipe down the crumbs and drips and start fresh.

Sunday: I'll be gone most of the day at a class but this will be garage day. What garage couldn't use an overhaul day? I plan to get my seasonal stuff in order and go through and get rid of stuff we don't use. I absolutely cannot stand riffling through containers and boxes looking for that one item. (Hence my Easter wreath is not up this year). This will be a good job for my sweetie. That way he can kill all the spiders hiding under boxes.

And hopefully by this time next week, I'll be feeling a little lighter and hopefully more "on top" of things. Now go get your list going!

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