Sunday, April 19, 2009


That pretty much wraps up how my kitchen cabinets were yesterday. Is it even possible to own honey and not have it drip on every shelf? Well the good news is the near-empty honey is in the trash. Maybe even the recycling bin, I don't remember. I went hog wild in the kitchen yesterday. Dishes have new homes. Glasses have shifted. The food pantry has flip flopped so that the flow works better. But most note worthy is that the crumbs, the oodles of crumbs and the sticky goo is no longer there.

Here's my spice and medicine cabinets- the only ones I took photos of.

The baking supplies are all in their own container now. I also grabbed an old basket for all the nuts and seeds. And I totally whittled down the spice supply. I swear there was stuff in there that moved with us nearly two years ago and has not been touched since.

And on that note...all this organizing and cleaning and can you believe we may move out of this house in two months??

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