Monday, April 6, 2009

And We're Off

The first family bike event of 2009 and it only took a mere two hours to assemble! Pumping tires, loading, squishing, cramming bikes into the car. Stopping to use a friend's bike trailer. Loading, squishing and cramming the bike trailer into the car. Driving up to the trail and learning how to put the bike trailer together and onto the bike...It's no wonder we ate dinner at 8:30pm! But it was really worth it. It reached an unheard of 73 degrees at my house (gasp!) yesterday. Spring fever is in full bloom.

Notice the posting- that's not what we want to see today.

The bike trailer is so much better than have someone kicking me from the seat behind. And it gives a killer leg workout on the hills.

Stopping for a quick hike through the trees and moss.

This tree looked so cool with the growth on it. If I had a better camera, I'd be in business.
The view from the end of the trail-Snoqualmie Falls off in the distance.

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Regina said...

jessica was just telling me how pretty snoqualmie falls is! looks awesome. today looks like it will be gorgeous as well!!