Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Running in the Rain

Early this morning as light was finding it's way, I ran through the rain. All the way up the hill I wondered why no one told me marathon training was hard. Demanding. Tough.

Then my focus shifted and I tried to find the positive in being the first one up and out of bed, out in the rain and breathing hard. Here is what I found; the dewey, wet morning is faboulous for a gal's complexion. It's fun to play "avoid the worm" incorporating plyometrics. No one is awake or out to see my smeared mascara leftover from the day before racoon eyes. It's a really good way to pray in quiet, especially at the start of the day. And finally- the coffee tastes that much better with a homecoming stretch.

Marathon training is hard, demanding, tough and time-consuming. And when the run is over for the day- I love it and I look forward to tomorrow.

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