Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cramming It In

I wanted to do so much over break. (Aren't breaks for relaxing??) So on our last few days we tried to cram it in. We spent New Year's Eve at the aquarium hanging with the fish. It was a miserably rainy afternoon and the city was getting more and more congested as time went on. We got a great phone call that our college friends were on top of the space needle so we met up for some cheer before my husband had to take off for a very busy night at the firehouse.

To finish off the weekend we hit the slopes for some sledding. But blah it was a sledding in sleet adventure. No light flurries for us, it was wet! Although my toes were like glass after a few hours, the kids were having the time of their life. That's what we parents strive for, right?

We threw in a Princess and the Frog showing at the cinema with licorice and chocolates and just like that *, break was over. Do you know how much I heard about homeschooling on Monday morning??

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