Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Mountain Down, Many to Go

Yesterday was a beautiful day to go explore Mt. Si not far from here. It looms in the background of our house. It was chilly and drizzly and just perfect to go for a hike and smell the fall. Up here fall has a smell of trees and firewood burning. Daddy took the kids for a hike while I tackled my first mountain/trail run. I was like a race horse bursting out of the gates. I took off fast and soon realized (I'm talking 2 minutes max) that I goofed. I went too fast up the hill and my lungs were on fire well into the night. Despite the feeling that I needed to go see a lung specialist, the run was glorious. Flat and leafy in spots, rocky and tough in others. My thoughts were split, Please don't let me trip on a rock and sprain an ankle. And THANK YOU God for this blessing to be able to run through this beautiful mountain you made.
I wish I could share it personally.