Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The King

My family and I spent our Thanksgiving in St. Louis this past week. Between museums, visits to the arch, my brother in law's wedding, spending time with all the generations of family in to visit...we had a wonderful time. Despite our long travel and layovers in Minnesota (with Joey traveling is like hot pokers in the eyes), one of the highlights was our "church Sunday". We started our day going to services at my father in law's church, Bethel Lutheran for which he is the pastor. It was a very nice Christ the King service and it is such a quaint, older church. It's always fun to see where my husband grew up so to speak. He spend most of his childhood at Bethel between going to elementary school there and spending time with dad at church. It's also fun to see the same faces when we go back to visit.

After service my husband and I took a run through Forest Park. I mean we took a FROZEN run through the park. Drizzling 30's and there we were in shorts like madmen- we weren't alone though. There were many running off the stuffing and pie with us. We ran up to the St. Louis Art Museum and decided to warm up for a few minutes. How awesome to see some religious artifacts like a pyx all adorned in gold from the
1400's. Beautiful artwork and we even got to see a real deal Monet.

What truly made my day was going to the evening Mass at the Basilica Cathedral. This place was breathtaking- I've never seen anything like it. Oh and the presence- I knelt down when we got to our pew and cried. It was just too much. But here's the kicker- Josh and I were asked to bring up the gifts. What a humbling experience. He we were in the huge place feeling so small. What a honor. What a day. May Christ be the King today and everyday.