Monday, April 26, 2010

Sundays, the New Saturday

I am in big time love with Sundays. I used to feel a let down come Sunday afternoon when all was said and done but now they feel...different.

What could be better? You got Mass with the family, loads of coffee and now longer daylight to have that much more crammed in. Gardening, running, and biking- just being outside. We filled two bins with overgrown yard-the garden is almost cleared and ready, yay!

And now my favorite new thing...the Sunday afternoon escape with my husband. Right up the street from us is an old tavern (known to host one talented cutie, Dave Matthews)nestled right in with the houses. Our new tradition is a good one- bike up for an ice cold Mac & Jacks and watch the boats go by. An hour later and totally refreshed and relaxed we bike back to grill with the kids. Sundays are good, no?
Not too shabby of a place for a ballgame.

Rumor has it this is an old brothel that catered to boat business across the lake. Creepy.

Alas, my cold one. We plugged in a few songs on the jukebox and put our feet up. Looking forward to Sundays...


Lisa said...

I am loving your Sundays!!!!

And even more, I'm loving that beautiful pink tree! Whatever is that one (is it a huge hydrangea?)

A good routine you've got there. Keep it up!

Love, L

Regina said...

sounds like loads of fun! i sure am going to miss the scenery here!!